1 NEXT Man H3NGG Himself Over Girlfriend PVM$ & BUN? + 3 Jamaicans $2 Million US W33D BVST In CAYMAN

1 NEXT Man H3NGG Himself Over Girlfriend PVM$ & BUN? + 3 Jamaicans $2 Million US W33D BVST In CAYMAN, JAMAICA DANCEHALL SOURCE: …


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  2. Bun was from the foundation of the earth and no matter what men do they come out getting the blame. If he had kill her u guys would say all type of thing about him. He took his own life and people still vex with him.

  3. Have mercy my god. Why did he not go to a pastor or some prayer mother and cry and grt prayer. Hanging is not the way forward. He locked himself out of heaven
    Jamaican serve God, love god and live. Not many persons can take pressure. Oh my god look down upon us. Husband your wife is your own flesh. Respect and love your own flesh.

  4. No boy cant make me killed myself
    Stupid man killed over woman
    He should be glad and know she a no good woman
    Right now in this time prepare for everything in life good or bad
    Some of us too comfortable
    My father say same thing happen a next man yard
    Will happen a ur yard
    Wake up my people nothing his as perfect as u wish
    Wake up wake up

  5. So sad….. This is one of life test to take an individual to the next level….And we must ALL try and work hard not to fail this examination….. Don't laugh or get too critical and judgemental….. We that are alive we should pray strength patience and forgiveness….. SERIOUS BUSINESS….NO JOKE!!!!! These practices MUST STOP!!!!! You ALL be BLESS!!!!`

  6. No respect for herself being a female and no respect for her so-called man okay ain't that much dick in the universe and ain't that much pee hole in the universe okay to make you feel like that it all do the same thing okay make you come how about that

  7. Oh he bipolar ?! Dem people is Legion! Real ting! I lived with one, NEVER again ! Bipolar not human. The worst ones are the attractive ones . When you recognize the bipolar RUN AWAY AND BLOCK ALL CONTACT. Trust me.

  8. It think about everything nothing don't frighten you. in life every thing is passable in including the breaky!!🌮🌯🍔🍕🧀🥞🥨🥖🥪🎂🍪

  9. Condolences…. but this is a lesson. Control ur surroundings… u can get till thy kingdom come…. only thing u can do is control ur environment. Its 2020. I can stay from anywhere in the world and see what's happening at my house and in all my rooms from my cell phone at anytime or any motion detected…….figure it out.

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