1. I’m true fan of neem oil , a absolute true fan!!! This stuff works great and does wonders but like you said it can have problems and major consequences if sprayed wrong !! Garden safe is the best brand I’ve found so far !! And your right don’t spray on sunny days and gotta make sure dilute the concentration good!!

  2. I cant understand y n the hell pesticide companys r making products out there that only kills certain stuff and not all the stuff seven dust that connects to the waterholes kills all the bugs so b careful of what products u buy out there i went 2 years trying to find out y i was buying walmart out of pesticides and not taking care of my problem seven dust that connects to the waterholes did work for me

  3. Neem oils good but only use it for your vegetation state not for your flowering stage neem oil hurts the taste im pretty sure u r having a caterpillar problem most products wont kill caterpillars so i would use seven dusts new one for army worms and caterpillars that connects to a waterholes they can destroy a marjunia plant i would use garden safe product 3 in 1 product before i use neem oil untill i found the seven dust that connects to the waterholes

  4. another tip you can try is take some milk and mix it in with water in a spray bottle and when the sun starts to go down spray your plants foilage down real good and by morning your fungus problem will be gone but spray the plant down before dark hours because you don't want the milk sitting on the leaves wet in the sun guaranteed to work for you though have a great day

  5. Have you ever tried green cure? It's potassium bicarbonate with some essential oils added. It's 17 dollars for a jar that makes 16 gallons. It's not outrageous, but it's not as cheap as baking soda lol.

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