Will Cannabis be Legalized if #BIDENHARRIS wins the 2020 Election? #Cannabislegalization

Hello youtubers!! Welcome to my channel “Bullish Journey”. In today’s video I would like share an interesting article about Cannabis being legalized at federal …


  1. Didnt trump say he was gonna legalize cannabis also. I don't think states want federal legislation on cannabis..states would get taxed.so wouldn't that mean less local profits…Biden killed his chance at president. By picking Harris..white society still runs America. Cleary trump is meeting someone agenda.are he would have been marked.nice sales pitch. I dont think it will happen. Sale your stocks..Canada stocks on cannabis have fallen soo hard.

  2. I think the US government will need tax revenue from them giving out all the coronovirus virus emergency payments. So they will eventually legalize MJ.

    What price you think aphria will be at in 2-3 years. Thanks

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