1. It's like smoking a cigarette without all the nastiness an harshness if you ask me, fairly smoothe actually and kinda feel laid back and chill now that I smoke just one and it also didn't make me super tired or anything.

  2. Regardless of what anybody says regarding Wild Hemp brand cigarettes, versus what they state on their packaging of “0% THC”, if you smoke these in any amounts, you will fail a marijuana drug test.
    I bought a pack of Wild Hemp 0% THC cigarettes a week and a half ago. I smoked 5 of the Wild Hemp 0% THC cigarettes and as an afterthought, went to the dollar store and purchased 5, at home drug tests. I DO NOT smoke marijuana nor do I associate with anyone that does, although I am not against marijuana use at all.
    I took one drug test the next morning and it was an absolute fail on the THC/marijuana spectrum. Not a faint line nor a false negative, my test was an absolute fail after smoking Wild Hemp cigarettes. 2 days later I took another at home drug test and the THC/marijuana spectrum was beginning to show that my body was beginning to get clean. Overall it took 5 days to get a full, clean test result. I am a CDL-A truck driver and therefore I must always be/test clean again any illicit drugs in my system.
    Regardless of what Wild Hemp Co. says or anyone else, if you work for any drug sensitive job, company or whatever, do not fall for these cigarettes as a drug free alternative.

  3. Love the Wild Hemp hemplettes, they are smooth, taste great and smell like regular hemp. Great calming effect for my nerves and pain relief for my girl time, since Midol and Pamprin never work. Definitely worth the $10 for the pack.

  4. Don't buy this garbage it's 40% stems 10% seeds and tastes nothing like cbd should. Cancer warnings on the pack are from all the crap that you shouldn't inhale. Real cigs are probably healthier.

  5. Yoooooooo these things suck. Taste like a nasty cigarette and when you empty it out, you find stems and seeds and it's all basically trim they sweep up from a floor somewhere. Almost to none in the bud flowers too. Come on people we know you got CBD flower buds you can roll up

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