Why September became the biggest month for Medical Marijuana and not just for the Sunshine State!

We go over a bunch of updates that have been happening in dispensaries throughout Florida and cover some new products that just released while finally …


  1. The ONLY thing, and do mean ONLY, that I want to know about is edibles. When are the lollipops, gummies, cookies etc etc coming, just like in California. IDC if they keep it medical, but I want ALL those edible products to be made available. Many people can get great benefit WITHOUT smoking, which many would prefer not to hsve as an "only" option. And no, I'm not interested in distillate recipes. I just want to be able to walk in, get a THC lollopop or Whatever and go. Until THIS is a reality, Florida is still just evidence of how to do literally EVERY important thing, BACKASSWARDS! 😂😂

  2. Looks like a nice fridge bro! I can't wait to get a fridge that has a water and ice spot on the front of it.
    Its about time those prices come down. Keep them coming down!

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