1. Vice don’t feel bad about your struggle on tik tok you’re still amazing. Tik tok isn’t your platform. It’s not your audience. Keep up the great content.

  2. As a filipino myself, we favor the drug war of the goverment.
    It is ok if you want to be an addict or use drugs for recreation. If you have the money to sustain it.
    Problem arrises when this drug addicts turn for work while on high. Or turning into a crime like robbery or rape.
    The usual bus drivers that are involve in killing pedestrians, where positive in meth. The usual robbers in the streets, They will naturally stab you from the back to get your things.
    And we dont forget the killings and raping of ladies, as well as babies and a grandma. They are doing this while on a high, and to get the money to sustain there addiction.
    That was a daily regular news, before Duterte.
    We the working class are working to improve our lives. We are so afraid before, that one day we will become victims of this addicts.
    Portugal is very different to the Philippines. In terms of economy, culture, terrain and drugs that are being sold.
    Definitely drugs won the war on drugs in our country, but there is ray of hope with Duterte.
    Most of the politician, police, army and rich businessman are involve in it.

  3. I love vice but this piece wasn't exactly packed full of info… I hope you guys explore the issue of decriminalisation v death penalty more cause I think it's a valuable question for all societies to ask if their governments are for social reform to try and grow or for re-election based on archaic ideas

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