Why are leaves turning yellow? Treating magnesium deficiency in cannabis plants.

I diagnose and treat a magnesium deficiency and show you how to do it. Yellow leaves, purple stems, drying out. I can help you.


  1. My plant has a damaged stalk toward the soil. It’s thin and it looks sort of brown and crusty. Some leaves are deformed, some have brown rust like spots on them, and the first set of “rounded” leaves before the first serrated leaves, are yellow. Don’t know why can anyone help

  2. I have this problem in early stage flowering and my pistel hairs are turning red.first I saw powder mildew signs.after treating that's when I notice pistel hairs turning a very orangeish red color.if I didn't like to grow weed as a hobby.i would just buy it.

  3. awesome info i think i have same prob,i am growing a auto but im going into week 3 of flower .should i flush out the plant with some advance nute final finish,if so how much and should i add some cal mag after.i know this vid is old but any help would be great

  4. When I test my water it’s about 6.8 which is perfect but after I had my nutrients it’s down to 4.5, so my question is am I meant to measure the ph before or after adding the nutrients

  5. Learned a lot from this video! Thank you very much! Originally thought i had a Nitrogen def, but realized i had a Mag problem because of this video LOL Thank you! How fast does this problem resolve if you find it fast? I have a good dosing of epsom salt (mag) and some foliar spray as well.

  6. Mine don't have purple but it yellow looking like mag hungry and I feed cal mag don't help it's going all the way it's about to die and it's boss og cut need some advice

  7. hey man could you help me out ?!
    im a first time grower and have 5 plants growing outdoors for 1 month and 1 week now. the plants are almost 2-3 feet high but 3 of the taller ones have bottom leaves that have turned yellow brown and crisped up, almost like they have burned up(not the complete leaves but just partially to the right or left).
    they have been growing naturally devoid of any additives like nitrogen or magnesium.
    the temperature is 30degrees Celsius over here and i water them everyday in fear of them running dry(something i realised today that iv maybe been doing wrong)
    could you suggest what i could do or where iv been going wrong ?!
    thank you

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