White Widow 4×4 Grow Tent. Seed to Harvest + Results

In this video I talk about my 4×4 grow tent with White Widow weed grow. I also say ‘definitely’ a lot. Not sure why. Enjoy! Also check out my Weedtube channel …


  1. then again my plants are a few feet bigger than those little ones , probably flower them early so they aren’t very big(yup) , but you are sacrificing a lot you could get more with 4 , from 4 in there you could get a pound or more but you sacrifice the plants goodies if you are flowering that early ! !

  2. Im sorry bro but people like you make me laugh!!! the moment Autoflowers came onto the scene everyone and there mother and mind you i have seen mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and all between think they are so good at growing bud that they all started a channel to document there grows there is absolutely nothing wrong with what you and all the other newbies are doing and all the power to you guys but i wonder how many of you would still be trying to grow if thee was no such thing as autoflowers i mean come on my red nose pitbull can grow a autoflower try growing some full photo-period genetics document that i would love to see someone grow there first photo-period from seed to harvest and be honest about any and all mistakes if any where made or not i do not grow anymore havent in a few years but i have had my time in trust i grew for about 25 years or so started with photo- periods because thats all there was at the time and i tried autoflowers when they first came out then again when they were finally perfected with high thc levels! Thats why i say my dog can grow autos is because no matter what i did to foul the grow up nothing worked short of purposely not feeding or watering them to over feeding and waterlogging the medium so in my personal opinion autoflowers can grow themselves so try making a channel and videos of actually doing something that takes talent!!!!! Godbless brother peace be with you!

  3. Nice video where did you get those seeds from? I’m getting ready to start 2 4-8 flood to drain tables and I like that ww. I’m harvesting right now I was trimming with you yesterday.😎

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