(Whispering version) ASMR warming CBD massage with crackling fire

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  1. Being in this video would be soo hard for me… I am the type to be very vocal and demanding when getting massaged or my back scratched…😂 I’m always like… “can you go lower, higher… yeah right there” I also arch my back to guide their hand. I have problems🤣

  2. Your shoulder blade work on your massages is always my favorite! I love when you focus on the shoulder blade area it looks like it feels amazing. Do more!!! and your voice is soooooo soothing

  3. I use Holistapet.com for cbd oil and treats for my older pup! He has seizures and I absolutely love their products. It’s helped him so much and he’s now 14 and thriving ♥️

    Absolutely love both yours and your sisters videos. You are my current favorites in the ASMR world and are so creative with your content!

  4. Emily, this is one of my favorite videos of yours. The crackling wood in the fireplace truly adds something special and relaxing. What I especially like about you and also @tranquiltonesASMR is your pace. You take your time, and I love that you alternate between light scratching and massaging. When I'm receiving a massage, I love when different touches are used, so the skin and muscles don't get tired of one thing over and over. Also I love your whispering, which is also very relaxing – I love that you leave quiet spaces and don't feel the need to fill up every second with talk. Really very masterful and I love your channel. ♥️😘

  5. As for the CBD product I use, it's cbd oral drops for my anxiety and depression, I love it, I have an issue with taking sleeping pills, kind of makes me feel like a failure because I feel like I can't fullfil my basic human need for sleep and I need them, but it's a bit easier with the CBD oil.
    As for the activities I am looking forward to in the fall, definitely wearing hoodies, boots, coats and using a blanket, drinking borderline hot tea without sweating profusely haahha since we have a pretty hot summer in Croatia 😁
    Love from Croatia, you're amazing 🌷🤍

  6. Loving the ambiance of the fireplace! My husband and I just bought a new home and we are SO excited because it has a wood burning fireplace. We have been wanting a fireplace for the past almost 20 years. Our last two houses were both lacking a fireplace. I always had them growing up and there are two at my parents' house, but now we finally have our own and I'm so excited for fall! We live in New England, so we have very long, cold winters, which means that I will probably have fires going every single day, LOL.

  7. I remember liking the original version and finding it very tingly but thinking, 'this would be even better with whispering'. life is complete now

    PS: 8:32 no, i was talking to someone just the other day who was asking if it was too early to put up her christmas lights

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