What US Marijuana Legalization Has Done to the Mexican Black Market

Mexican marijuana profits are falling as a result of free-market economics and loosened US marijuana laws.The price decline has led to reduced marijuana …


  1. Mexicans should tell Washington, DC to go fuck itself. US drug laws are what MADE the cartels! The US has never, ever done anything good for Mexico. It's elites exploit your migrant workers, its politicians run guns to your cartels (Operation Gunwalker and more), and I defy you to find any example of US policy which helps the Mexican people. I'm a Yankee and know this. So should all Mexico. Reject neocolonial drug laws!

  2. Thank God that mexi swag is gone. I stared smoking in 1997 and it seemed that brick weed was every where. Now indoor grown pot is like a whole new drug compared to that swag. Take a hit of swag or take a dab it will be a completely different feeling.

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  4. Heroin.Big problems.Especially, with the "black tar"garbage that seems 2B the only "down "these Mexican cats can produce! "Down "is the terminology for heroin,from back in the day on 1 of the hardest blocks in N.A.Maybe U saw some docs on this place"Pain and Wastings"downtown Vancouver East Side.Time period "80s to mid 90s".Damn mang.U never seen anything like it.No f'n around with "cookers "!U just laid that $20point flap,flat out on U hand,lay that machine up tight on 'yo stash,tilt that dope hand and she falls in like Flynn.H2O bottle special design 4 no spill,couple drops 20mills,30 if U added that "up".Plunger in,shake heartily,looky here:Transparent liquid "speedball "no floating crap 2plug up your works."Shake and Bake"were the magic words.O'ded 2 many times and flatlined 3.Been "clean" since Christmas '96.But honestly,I had loads of fun.Miss them days.☮️B un2 U,sisters and brothers.1Love.

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