1. “Everyone’s pandemic pal , delta 8, the soft jazz” y’all are full of it. I feel need for Re-educating the re-educated . Social distancing.. nevermind I haven’t time to try to get thru to Sunny and Cher, cause I’ve got to be up at 6am to work. A job , where you preform a task and earn money. I appreciate you’re producing content on youtube but sheeez , not like it matters what I think but , get out of CA or OR lol go east and learn to live .. forget the “acceptable” n taboos and just enjoy your day to day. Lol.. I’m
    Being an ass but every time I hear hipsterdom ideology it slaps me in face before I hear the words.. 🤦‍♀️ it’s out of love but the west coast has something in the water lol

  2. If you want some of the best bulk d8 on the market I recommend Canna clear,Star thrisle ranch and Delta alternatives.There are some cheaper options that offer carts like 10 dollar carts and Highestelevationsouthfl.Also just to clarify no canna clear d8 has nothing to do with the black market brand there not associated with them whatsoever.Get it while you can tell it's gone all these vendors are currently selling.I recommend joining the d8 reddit.

  3. its important to know delta 8 isnt super hit, its strong but its different from CBD and THC, to try to compare the "highs" of delta 8 and delta 9 are mute they do different things and shouldn't be put in the same boat.

  4. You can buy these in South Dakota! They hit hard but I love the high. Really surprised me you could get these in a non recreational state. The brand I use is called clou[d8]

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  6. Thank you for this. Delta 8 is great stuff. I have an old brain because I’m old (71). Too much THC releases the duppy. Delta 8, for me, is a great sleep aid and pain killer but is also a duppy conqueror (remember Duppy Conqueror? Bob Marley? Peter Tosh?). But I’m not completely THC-averse, so I add some concentrate, which is very sticky, to some finely ground THC/CBD balanced weed, roll it into a slim tube and cut it into, say, 1/8” pieces. I roll the pieces around to make little balls that deliver a lot of smoke. To reduce the amount of smoke, I can squash the ball flat and cut it in half or whatever size I want. Based on your recommendations I’ll be looking at different delivery systems but my usual method is a great little Cheech & Chong bubbler. Thanks for your video.

  7. I’m hoping it’s better my girlfriend ordered a cartridge for me to try. I smoked Delta-9 medicinally, but got to a point where I found myself smoking heavily. That gave me a run in with what I’d say is a taste of Cannabinoid Hyperemisis syndrome. I mean I’m aware it can persist, but I’m hoping this will be easier on the body. Because Delta-9 is slowing a lot down in the body. And to be quite frank, I can’t give up Cannabis entirely it’s so calming to puff on it. But I’ll share my results if anyone wants insight!

  8. I picked up a delta 8 cartridge from a local vape store on a whim (in AL, thc is illegal but cbd is legal and widely available for purchase) and had NO idea it would give me a feeling anywhere close to the thc I’m used to (aka delta 9).

    After taking just 1 long hit, I felt completely calm and at peace. I was smiling ear to ear, seemingly for no reason, I felt energized, and definitely HIGH. I’d say it’s like a “diet” high compared to Delta-9 THC. I feel pretty much the same high, but without the mental slowdown of Delta-9 (which is a desired effect for me, anxiety keeps my mind racing a thousand miles an hour). I would consider myself a daily and heavy smoker of regular cannabis, so I didn’t think CBD of any variety would have an effect on me personally.

    This is perfect. I feel high and relaxed, mentally completely clear and free of anxiety, AND this is perfectly legal where I live?? HELL YES

  9. I love that you are spreading knowledge about cannabis and the various very beneficial cannabinoids! That is my passion as well here in Florida as a cannabis patient consultant. Teaching patients how to help themselves is so important. Although I do smoke cannabis, I also vaporize flower. It’s so fun to teach people to pull out specific cannabinoids by knowing which temperatures to use on your dry herb vape to release the cannanbinoid or cannabinoids you are attempting to medicate with. For medical patients this can be critical in their care. Keep on educating the cannabis community you two! You are helping to reduce the stigma surrounding cannabis and it’s use which i know is one of your goals as cannabis content creators! Rock on! ✌🏽

  10. I’m in TN and found one legal at the local vape store. I’m not an experienced smoker AT ALL and this definitely calms my anxiety and gets me “high”. Is this normal? Do I just have a low tolerance?

  11. High from Canada. I had no idea that THC had a little brother. This was fascinating to me as I'm always thirsty for more knowledge about Cannabis. This would definitely make a great trivia question for someone. I watched twice and your information about Delta 8 was eye opening. Just wait, there will be T-shirts and hats with Delta 8 on them. I loved this video, thanks! You two doing good? Thinking of you both often. Simply adore you, Sativa

  12. So… Would you compare Delta 8 to a standard THC vape as half potency per hit (effects wise) or… Different? as long lasting? shorter lasting?? is pricing equal?? Great video, thank you for the introduction and details!!

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