What Is DELTA 8 THC? 90% DELTA 8 THC Cartridge Review!

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  1. The anxiety and paranoid is still present for some people. I know this a thing to say that people won't feel it but yes you can. I felt it twice. I got carts from three companies. I suffer from ptsd. Its not as intense as delta 9 thc but you may still trip out.

  2. Gotta be careful with this shit it sneaks up on you especially the tinctures, soft gels, edibles etc, one moment you're like "hmm nothing wtf" then the next youre staring at your computer screen with your mouth open and a puddle of saliva on your desk.

  3. There are MANY states that are banning D-8. They are totally entitled to do that. Just in the past month though, they made it FEDERALLY ILLEGAL. Then a bunch of people got very very angry and are attempting to sue the DEA because making Hemp-Derived Delta-8-THC illegal very much against regulations already set into place. So as of right now you have until October 20, 2020 to enjoy it if you're in a state that allows it. This is FORE SURE a loophole for people that aren't in states with THC Laws/Regulations to enjoy THC.

  4. I get my Delta 8 from budking777 com 33 bucks delivered to the door 86.7% very good take the pain away like sleep better low anxiety great stuff my heart doesn't race like the THC 9 does I like to eat very much thanks bud King

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