What Is CBD E-Liquid & How to Vape it

This week we take a look at CBD. In our in-depth run through, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this “wonder substance” CBD e liquid calculator: …


  1. It’s my understanding that nicotine degrades CBD so when it come the CBD droplets (500mg and 1000mg) that shouldn’t be added to your normal ‘favourite E-liquids’ as you said.
    Can you clear that up for me ?

  2. You cleared so many doubts that I had regarding CBD oil. I am suffering from chronic pain and I was looking for natural remedies. That is when I came to know about CBD. One of my friends recommended https://deluxeleaf.com. I tried their product and now I am very happy with the result. You have elaborated everything very well.

  3. So yesterday i purchased from your online store, a Smok nord , a bottle of CBDfx 50/50 30ml liquid and some 1.4 ceramic nord coils. Would this set up be great for CBD , also after i bought it i went on the mist site and had to sign up again so i cant see my order.

  4. Minted got a bottle out of a vape shop couple of years ago £60 for a 10ml bottle strength 2500 2 drips mixed in your vape tank and it blew your head off lol that was some crazy shit had it since weaker strength and nothing compared to the strong shit fuck knows what was it in haha

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