What Are Cannabis Rosin Chips? (And 3 Ways to Use Them): Cannabasics #98

Today we learn what Cannabis Rosin Chips are and look at 3 ways to use them on Cannabasics Episode 98. Make wax safely …


  1. Break the rosin chips back up then pack them then press them you get just smudge more! (EDIT)
    After different try’s ima take this comment back after breaking up certain chips I’ve noticed they don’t stay pressed not good!! So I would take the chips and break them once then stack em on top of each other then squeeze them out. That’s the best way so far I’ve found to re press the chips!!! Waiting now to try some other stuff like food wise or tntiure type

  2. Read the ingredients on your liquidizer bottles before use!!! That brand of waxiquidizer contains high amounts of fermeldahyle, got a bottle for free once and got lucky that i searched the ingredients before use

  3. Yass!
    I KNEW there had to be a use for everything.
    Also, I feel bad for those who immediately discard their AVB/ABV after vaping. Vape It Again (mixed with a tiny bit of fresh flower), and THEN re grind it finely before adding it to food or to milk.
    Cheers, enjoy, and heal well.

  4. yeee buddy! it doesnt taste bad and gets you lit as fuck. just be careful how much you pack in a bowl because when you reheat the compressed nugs they expand in the bowl and will clog it up after the first hit or two.

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