WEED The CBD Secret is out! A CNN Special Report by Dr Sanjay Gupta

www.TheCBDsecret.com Originally Published on Aug 21, 2013 Here are CNN’s Special Reports by Dr. Sanjay Gupta showing the clear proven MEDICAL …


  1. Get pharmaceutical companies out of the equation. They lobby against marijuana because they know there will be very little profit for them once marijuana is legal across the country. Many of their manufactured drugs will no longer be needed.

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  3. People do not even breath properly, they are numb by lack of clean air, evolutive problems are due to multi variate forms of polution, including mind bogling information and devices.
    I smoke for 41 years, the only thing that create some damage was been mixed with tobaco.
    Now I eat or vaporize, is helping me with my joint pain and breathing better, I feel my lungs working as if a tonic as been applied.
    So much more good could be said.

  4. My parents were very skeptical when i suggested my dad try CBD for his back pains (he works in a warehouse so he's always lifting things) but i finally got him to try the salve from pure relief and it made the world of a difference for him. now even my mom uses it!

  5. i stopped 3 years ago for my job. and i just dropped it cold turkey like you would with a soda just stop. i had no side effects of anything. i mean i cant say i still dont think about it. but its not like i cant function without it. its just something i used to do for collage. before i started smoking i used pills for my adhd and i couldnt pay attention because i was a zombie on that shit. and i was still making c's and d's. when i started smoking this is no lie i started making straight A's made the president list and the dens list same year. crazy i know but still i think it would be a great thing to have if you really need it for medical purposes

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  7. I was strolling through and watch this because I am chronically ill. I have a rare disease that no one really knows about called small-fiber polyneuropathy which comes with mitochondrial disease. Both are not pleasant and there is no cure but that's not why I'm writing this to you whoever reads this. I never smoked pot I didn't know much about it except for I just figured it was a recreational thing and it was a drug and I don't do drugs but then my disease started to become chronic and painful and the only options for lots of pills and more pills counteract the pills I was on and the side effects of the pills. My quality of life is me lying in a bed looking out a window with memories of my past Mobility. My mind is sharp and I self advocated and I found out about other options with cannabis. Fast forward one year and a medical card so I'm legal in my state and now comes the real thing if only I document my journey has these people have that shows the Improvement I have received from cannabis. My hands turn black from any kind of temperature change or from my blood pressure I mean black and they're useless but I started to take cannabis and put it in my food as an oil in my hands they turned back to normal. I could go on the list of things that have improved especially the pills I have less of them and I no longer looking out the window, I actually go outside now. It's a mixed bag but I'm happier and grateful for it and now I guess you could say I'm on board when it comes to cannabis. God bless you and anyone who has experienced this.Much luv..

  8. this is what I'm against 15:05 and 22:-7 and 26:09 this is what I'm for 29:51, and because of that, I am against this 34:32: Some people will use it for a "party drug" to "get high" and some will use it for medicine. As a whole, we have a generally educated but willfully ignorant society partly due to reliance on "the educated" to "educate us"………… at least in the USA. This documentary is educating and everyone should consider what is being presented before preaching for or against. I am both for and against the use of "POT"….. I am against using it for recreational purposes. I am for extracting it's healing properties for seizure patients and possibly other illness. These are complicated issue that deserves our attention. Educate yourself, don't rely on others. Don't rely on big pharma and don't make decisions by observing or trusting the "pot heads". Galatians 5:13 "For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another."

  9. i suppose they were not exactly "afraid" of it but more cautious of it due to the negative shit about it.. id be weary also giving ganja to my kids, especially in australia where the only strains widely available are those with a high thc yield..so pleased they get to spend good time with their daughter, what a win!

  10. "Lets put your daughter on a seizure medication meant for dogs, or put her in a coma " that's the answer to a five year who is in a serious painful condition. Or you can take CBD that will cure it with no side effects and no psycho-active chemical. 🙂

  11. I suffer from migraines 15-20 days a month. I am wondering if the Charlotte's Web cbd would be effective in reducing the pain? The pain meds I take are killing my stomach, kidneys and liver.

  12. it makes Lyme Disease bearable, shakes stop, brain fog less and because suicide is the number one cause of death in chronic Lyme sufferers, no doubt has decreased suicide rates

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  14. vaporize it to not fuck up your lungs.

    i had chronic cough for 4 years till i switched. 1 week later it was gone.

    oh yeah and there is much much much more in the plant than thc and cbd that helps.

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