1. I don't see what the big deal is we just something that came out of the ground it's nothing man-made and it doesn't really bother you any I don't understand why people make such a big deal when they see a weed plant but it's totally okay for us to drink and to smoke tobacco

  2. Those were legitmately planted by someone. U can tell by their size. if someone just threw seeds down they wouldn't have reached that size or even sprouted. It's actually kind of smart they hid them in plain sight like that. Because really who would think to look there. Growing right under the nose of everyone most ppl wouldn't suspect. sucks the popo found em.

  3. "The kids were rollin around in the grass, OH NO GO GET THEM HONEY".. ffs you retards, its a plant. Power hungry governments deserve death. If God didnt want pot on earth he wouldnt have created it, who are these people to take it upon themselves to decide whats good or bad for the masses? No one.

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