HAPPY WEEKEND to anyone who drinks cough syrup to get high (we’re not suggesting YOU do, just… anyone). A company called Actibliss has come out with a …


  1. Did this guy really just ask why they would give that shit out on 4/20?
    And does he really not understand why people would take syrup without the THC?
    Does this guy ever know what he's talking about?

  2. Whats the point of no thc Cannalean? Whats the point of reducing Stress? Whats the point of reducing inflamation? Whats the point of reducing Pain or Anxiety? Do you not practice any of that stuff? Its important to be healthy. You sound uhhh nevermind, never seen any other vids but i anti-sub from that logic fail

  3. Honestly I'm sure the actabliss is wonderful I mean it's like drinking strong weed! And since it goes through your liver it really gets in your blood so you'll be super stoned but codeine is probably way more addictive because it comes from opiates

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