1. Matt you should totally link all your fave self improvement books somewhere! Everytime you mention one I have to stop the video and go back to get it right and write it down. You seem to read so much it would be great to have a list of them

  2. Please be aware of how much you touch, flip your hair..enjoy your videos but am distracted by you constantly touching your hair. Sincerely just a suggestion not meant in a mean way.

  3. Just because hes not buying meat from the store doesnt mean hes not paying for it I hunt and I pay $2000 a year for me lease plus corn plus my camper four wheeler gun scope ammo gas back and forth which isnt cheap its 3 hours away from my home and I go every day off during deer season until I fill my tags so hes paying a lot more than you are buying it from the grocery store so hunting is an expensive hobby so if you do it strictly for the meat it's not worth it unless you have your own land and I dont hunt be ccx ause I like to kill some people do but not me I feel every animal I kill but it teaches you to respect your food most people just mindlessly buy meat from the store and dont think about what it took to get it there and people are wasteful something about killing your own food makes you think about letting that chicken in the fridge go bad or not eating leftovers

  4. After adding a certain thing to my routine, I have been dark pink keto on the pee strips for a week. I’m generally weight loss resistant and have been at a plateau for months without very pale pink tests no to sign of ketosis. I’m eating the same stuff so this is blowing my mind, but I also can’t find any info about a proven connection.

  5. If they made keto edibles it would be very strong since THC is fat-soluble I think weed and keto go together but I would stick to high THCV strains since THCV doesn't give you the munchies in fact THCV reduces your appetite

  6. With me, I don't say it's my fault, because that's just going to give me a complex, what I do is honestly assess what happened and take responsibility and accountability for my part and my action, then forgive other people for their part and action.

  7. I think you guys smoked indica mostly. Joe Rogan smokes saltiva and saltiva does not make you lazy as it makes you super alert, happy and productive. Too much saltiva can be bad but I think Joe smokes it at the right dosage. Indica makes you lazy and sleepy and Saltiva improves alertness productivity and cognitive function.

  8. Cannabis and cardio or any exercise really are my favorite combinations! Really improves my endurance, and speeds up recovery. Only down side is if i push myself too hard, and end up super sore for a few days.

  9. @ketoconnect Like watching your channel. Started doing Keto about 3 – 4 weeks ago. ……..Saw your University of San Fransisco shirt & you later talk about going to school there. Any insight you can provide on the University? My son has been accepted to USF & SFSU. Any insight would be appreciated. We are taking a trip to SF next weekend to check out the campus of both schools.

  10. I was watching kind of cracking up when your dog just led on your lap and you showed him with blanket material from chomping your blanket…the funny part, you didn’t remove it! My dog does that to every plushy toy I get her, and I have quite often spent a minute trying to disengage the string guts- she needs to de-bowel them of their squeaky mechanism…the even funnier part you ask- the funny expressions your dog was making from trying to figure out what the hell that thing hanging from his mouth was. You need to relieve them of the strings rapped around their teeth!

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