1. ITS going to get worse on May 11th 2020 on WA. STATE department of children youth and family posted on clarification of recent job post. They needed social services specialist 3 and 5 to remove children from homes that child had covid or parents had covid and place them in housing a lot of people complained about the job post so that is why job post got taken down and why on May 11th they posted on. There website clarification. On job post and that they took it down because of complaints..THEY PLAN on taking your kids away if you have covid and say you are endangering your kids or if your child has covid they will take them away. Same will probably happen when a vaccine comes out for covid if you do not get your kids vaccinated CPS will be at your door with the police to take them away . Never take an attorney that CPS courts provide for you A lot of them are crooked and help get your kids. Get taken away ..google.. corruption in cps .. Wow there is a big problem.. They are making money from our children that's why there's so much child trafficking rings they're making millions of dollars off of children.. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK AND MONEY IS EVIL….LORD PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM EVIL AMEN 🙏🙏

  2. Bellingham took my 14 year old because we were moving. There hadn't even been a CPS report. My daughter, who is 20 now, said they did it to be vindictive. She told me all the crap they had said behind my back. She told them they didn't know me and to stop talking crap about me. They threatened her with a group home if she continued to call me and see me. A real shit show.i told them they were nothing but Nazis and acted like Gestapo

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