1. Hey guys, great show. Thanks for all you do. Something I dont hear much about is the application of milk and cod liver oil to no till plots for increased production and yield. I have this article I wanted to share with you guys because the results are pretty impressive. I use this myself on my outdoor garden with great results. Milk applied at a rate of 2 gallons per acre increased crop production by 26%. Milk used in conjunction with cod liver oil increased by 31%. That's more than the increase achieved by applying nitrogen and phosphorus to pasture alone. Check it out.
    Growers love. Peace

  2. Your public library might have something like lynda.com or coursera or something with Free learning!! There aren't as many subjects as I'd like but there are free college level courses out there! But like Scotty said..sometimes be wary of what is "free". Research what curriculum they use and who teaches it and who sponsors it.💚 love you guys! Thank you for being pushers of knowledge!

  3. Ya not to bee cool, we do it cuz its us ,stop hateing… only women haggle about what others have..Portlands leading this cannabis movement period.. ward did u guys expect when u went to the nw club. It's a hipsters huppy place.. u guys got a very little taste of what Portland really like..

  4. Morning y’all! Speaking of growing in small volume containers, there was a contest on Autoflower.net recently where they grew autos (obviously) in 2L soda bottles. It was friggin AMAZING what some of those guys were able to pull off. It was a cool challenge.

  5. Dudes feeble attempt to be even handed. dO not talk to the cops for any reason! It’s simple probability. Anything you say they are looking to use regardless of the situation. Also when U talk about doctors, they are mostly wealthy . The dude really should research his sociology opinions. I get it you don’t wanna offend that one doctor in the comments section who will
    Inevitably bitch. Also fuck Jeff bezos! He could solve most of our problems tomorrow single handed

  6. Woo hooo ! Thanks for throwing up the pic of my little ladies guys. Love the show and the Recharge product. I transplanted the girls last night Dude 👍🏻. 2gal fabric pots ProMix hp and a recharge watering in . Thanks for all you guys do for the community. 🍻 from KY.
    They are from seed from a friends breeding run. Both parents are a pheno of sour kush.

  7. Good Morning DGC!! Snow day here in Missouri, so we are getting prepped to go sledding and play in the snow. Hope everyone is having a great day and that y'all are happy, healthy and surrounded by friends and family. Cheers Growfam!

  8. Scotty, I guarantee there's been some dudes in my area that have treated the bar stool like their office chair. My area has one of the highest concentrations of bars and churches per square block in the U.S.

    I am Jack's complete lack of surprise and one of the highest divorce rates… I gave up religion and alcohol a long time ago. Embraced cannabis and never been happier. Everything else in life just started falling into place after that. The DGC has aided greatly in that.

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