Wake & Bake America 1091: Life With No Travel, Cancer & Cannabis & Organized Crime Grows

Hang Out Live With The Dude & Scotty Real For Todays Episode Of Wake & Bake America To Talk About Life Post Pandemic And The Effects Of Not Being Able …


  1. Science disproves science that disproved the scientist who gave up every last penny of lunch money……and then we find out they lied to each other fifty years later. Wasn't the moon cheese for a while

  2. I love watching the show this has been my second year growing my own cannabis outdoors. I’ve got such a sweet hidden spot in my garden in greenhouse but I move next year and will have to grow indoors 🙁

  3. Recharge is used in all my grows. Love it. No doubt it gives the plants a supercharge unlike any other amendment I’ve ever used. All plants love it too, tomato plant BLEW up after use. Amazing. Thanks guys for all the entertainment and knowledge! 💪

  4. A good example of the THC levels not beigng everything, one the better strains I have smoked was back in the day you could get silver pearl from semsi seeds i think it was, and that waqs like 16% THC , and it use to knock sooo many ppl on there ass.

  5. "See someone getting shanked in an alley" Just do nothing????????????? WTF man, where is your humanity? and the worst part is you didn't get called on it by Scotty after talking about things and animals that depend on him.

  6. Scotty! I hope one day I'm told after I say have a nice day, for someone say don't tell me what to do. I would have lost it! I'm straight as a pin at the moment & I've been laughing my butt off.
    Yes i would have been roaring & will be when it happens.
    Remember if you cant laugh at yourself, it makes you a hypocrite when laughing at others! (Words of wisdom) Also recharge is great stuff. Learning much keep it coming.

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