Vitamin E may be linked to marijuana vaping illnesses

There is a major break in the nationwide vaping crisis. Public health officials said some of the marijuana products that recently sickened users across the country …


  1. Guys tell me I know I’m a fucken idiot and I learned my lesson okay, feel free to call me that btw I deserve it. Anyway I’ve been smoking carts as well and tbh I don’t think they’re real. I have been smoking a while and and now recently I have been feeling a pain in my back. Y’all I’m talking to y’all like you guys are doctors😭😭I’m just scared

  2. I can see why they thinks it’s vaping because In most cases they have been vaping then got a thc cart from experience I have lung problems now from fake carts and I still vape, they need to realize what’s actually killing people and not blame it on vaping. When I went to the hospital for it I was to scared to tell the doctor I vaped or hit thc carts. So they thought I had appendicitis. Point is the kids aren’t being honest all around

  3. Studies shown that many illnesses from the fake carts are chemical burns in the lungs. It’s not just from vitamin E, but black market oil is being made from marijuana sprayed with eagle 20 pesticide/nova 40 which have Myclobutanil and when you smoke it it turns into hydrogen cyanide, your inhaling a chemical weapon

  4. It sickens me how they only mention the actual cause (fake thc cartridges) one or two times, while showing video of people vaping nicotine products the entire time. It's like they're twisting the story to intentionally put blame on the vaping industry. Sad.

  5. Liam A  dealers in the black market will get legal weed carts through their distributor from a legal state. It is not that difficult to get regulated THC carts from legal weed states in the mail. There are countless YouTube videos and articles that they provides information in detecting fake carts.

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