Vaping: what people are getting wrong | The Economist

A youth vaping “epidemic” and a mysterious outbreak of lung disease in America has led to curbs on e-cigarette flavours. A backlash against vaping is …


  1. i'm from a non US country. watching this while smoking and vaping. what ppl don't actually know is most vapers are vaping for "style", "looks cool", or just social. they not particularly want to stop smoking because they aren't really a smoker in first place.
    most vapers also didn't know that vaping is considered safer because it mostly contain water and nicotine. while cigarrets is dangerous because the other chemical besides the nicotine inside (such in those filters, etc.). this means, if those dangerous chemical are mixed inside e juice, vape also considered as "killer" too. and this also means, if you smoking a pure tobacco leaf, it considered safer than vaping. this explained in the video.
    the truth is, vapers actually never know what chemicals compound is exactly mixed in their e juice, even if they DIY it.
    why vaping is still under investigation is because you do have a much safer option to get nicotine: by just smoke a pure tobacco. but why still pick a way that still has higher risk like vaping?.
    so, do not panic if goverment says 7 million ppl died from smoking and 1 ppl died of vaping. because, even when someday it says that 7 million ppl die from smoking cigars and 5 mill died from vaping and 0 ppl died from smoking tobacco, vapers still wouldn't quit vaping because they need to "looks cool", same as smoker wouldn't stop smoking cigarrets because they need stronger nicotine effect…
    you won't stop buying cars eventhough car accident is one of the most cause of death… right?

  2. So the culprit is "THC" and bad Quality E- liquids,
    I am 31 of age
    This thing actually saved my coming days for sure, I was on the dreadful habit of smoking cigarettes for seven years i was slowly dying couldn't even walk for a 100 meters ,now i can in a vast way i couldn't dreamt of…
    So dear officials please regulate the production and marketing of the vape and please DON'T BAN,

  3. They need tighter regulations, not outright bans smh like honestly I’m sure all the vapers out there would also appreciate better qc and regulations for vaping products. (Canada could also start by making it illegal for minors to vape or smoke)

  4. step 1: Altria (or Philip morris) Buys Juul for $12.8 billion
    step 2: juuls and vapes are now linked with bad news and controversies
    step 3: Altria (or Philip morris) releases iqos (alternative to vapes but still as close to cigs as possible )
    step 4: profit?

    meanwhile: A total of 60 deaths linked to vaping products have been confirmed as of January 21, 2020
    also: Tobacco estimated 400,000 deaths per year

  5. vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking i saying this from experience . when I smoked cigarettes I got sick every 3 months with bronchitis . I started ecig and haven't got sick in over a year can breath so much better

  6. Thank you for speaking facts and not pushing your own agenda like the news does and by the the way big tabbaco is paying people to talk bad about vaping they evan bought juul just so they could make vaping look bad

  7. I don't think so that vaping can help people to quit in smoking because in my opinion the more they will make people more addictive in smoking using e-cigarette and yet still they're not sure if it is really safe to the health of a person using it,, because no one can see the bad effect of it for a couple of month or a year… Better banned selling it in the whole world for the safety of everyone…

  8. This is my opinion so don’t hate on me, but if I could tell everyone criticizing vapours one thing, it would simply be: “The media is announcing every death from vaping, which is a mere fraction of the deaths caused by smoking, yet they never speak to cigarettes killing almost 60x more people”

    E-cigarettes are not “healthier” but a better option. “Safer” as you could put it. Why put the hammer down on vapours when cigarettes are the reason the majority of people switch to vaping? The media has it twisted for profits

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