1. Wow I just came across your vid! I been using honey pot sensitive for awhile. I messed around and used Dr. Bronners unscented baby soap and it was okay, but I noticed after I had an irritation afterwards and during the growback of the hairs, I started getting boils again. When I went back to honey pot, the irritation never came back after my Brazilian wax and no boils! Good pads: L Brand! Good wipes for the area: WaterWipes! 99% water 1% grapefruit extract. No burn or irritation at all.and better for the vagina!

  2. What webinar was this? I totally agree!! I eat meat maybe once or twice a month but I’d went without eating meat & sugar for a couple of months and I had little to no cramping, lighter periods…. energy was high! Wow

  3. I can't wait to pick this product up. I am very very sensitive from top to bottom but I am going to give it a try. It might work for me🤗 If you think Atlanta is hot you should come to Charleston😅😅😅🌞🌞🌻🌻🌞🌞

  4. Yay! Mine came at 9 also! So many people don’t believe me cause it’s such a young age. But, I use the HoneyPot sensitive only because I didn’t know how the regular one would be. it does make me feel clean and there’s no odor down there. So I really like it. I am not living a vegan based lifestyle but products that I put on my body are either vegan or organic. Really like this product. Have not tried the wipes. And I got the 7th generation pads but I’m going to get the L brand pads because it’s 42 in a pack for about 7 bucks. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Great vid! Exercise is key…I have ONE heavy cycle day and it lasts like half a day really out of all 7 days…and days 6 and 7 are practically nothing…different foods now also and cleanliness of course…I don't even cramp or bloat anymore… Exercising 5 days a week and water and PLAIN tea all day everyday and little to no sugar or salt…ever…changed my body…yep…

  6. Actually it was recommended by a well known gynecologist and the midwives I see for my Gynecological needs that a woman should not use anything down there to clean because the vagina is a self cleaning oven. I didn't believe in not using anything at all but decided to try it one day and I have had no issues with odor at all. So your viewers might want to try that as well.

  7. Thank you…there is also another great natural product by a black owned company called nene femhealth and her wash is calmed vagina therapy feminine wash. its lovely. right now its online only as far as i know. No disrespect to your video or honey pot…i will be trying honey pot soon.

  8. Some folks don't clean them selves properly and men and women both!!! I am with you I don't like it either!!! I am meticulous about being clean in general!!! Also folks in this country in general eat way more meat than they need to. You don't need meat every day!!! I am not vegetarian but I would say I am semi vegetarian!!! I do eat some meat but when I do it is usually chicken or fish!!!

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