Vaccines, CBD & Intimacy After Baby! Q&A 2020

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  1. Thanks so much for answering these questions. Can't wait to hear your podcast. I lean more conservative as well, and take each topic case by case (am pro cannabis too, but not anti-vaccine). I'm a firm believer in the "you do you" mentality – focus on what you have control over in your personal & home life, because in the end that's all we can do. We need more voices like yours. ❤

  2. Nikki, I really hope that you’re reading these comments that urge you to reconsider your views on vaccines. I’ve loved your content for years- especially your DIMLs!- but I really just cannot continue to support this channel in good conscience. I also wish you and your family the best.

  3. Hi Nikki love following you and your journey! I was wondering what you mean by not agreeing with how the state of California is doing things. I’m really curious because California has always been a place I thought I might live in the future! But don’t know much about it because I’m from the Midwest

  4. I plan on watching the documentary, thanks for sharing about it! My husband and I are getting into gardening and planning on getting chickens, and we just want to improve our health so thanks for sharing resources.

  5. Long time subscriber but I'm genuinely saddened with you misinforming your viewers. As a pre-med student and with as many credits I have in science, I can assure you when ACTUAL doctors are recommending vaccines they aren't doing it just for the hell of it. It's through many experiments and trials and error, then they are able to recommend it for people. These are well-educated people who actually have a Ph.D. I really loved all your videos and your family. But this is just wrong for me. Also, you want to spread positivity and this whole women empowerment, but what happened to your body, YOUR choice? You can choose not to abort for yourself, that's your CHOICE. It seems like your conservative until it doesn't affect you directly. Anyways, I wish you and your family all the best. But please "research" in a proper way. Not from an uneducated dumbass.

  6. Hi Nikki! I love your videos and I’ve watched you for probably 8 years now but I do want to chime in on this one…I totally agree with approaching health from a natural standpoint like you do with food, vitamins, grounding…etc. But, back in the day before modern medicine, raising a healthy child to be an adult was actually really hard. They would often die of certain diseases that we vaccinate for now and if they lived they might be paralyzed, deaf, disabled in some way. The reason that’s not the case now is parents around you have vaccinated, but if too few people do it these diseases WILL come back. Any polio survivor would tell you how devastating that would be.

  7. The comments are hilarious! I’m also anti-vaccine… I ended up paying for the immunity test and guess what?! My child is considered immune to all of the modern day vaccinated diseases (including malaria, which was surprising) … so there is that. 😜 you know what is best for your son! 💜

  8. Vaccines are researched extensively. Yes there is a small chance that there can be a reaction but that’s with anything you consume or touch (yes, even you MLM essential oils). You’re either truly uneducated about the topic or you’re believing pseudoscience. Look up peer reviewed articles instead of mommy blogs.

  9. Clearly, everyone hasn’t seriously looked into vaccines. If you research the ingredients, you see how unsafe they are. Also, read books like “how to raise a healthy child despite your doctor” written by a medical dr. Vaccines are literally invented after diseases are on the decline. Covid is a great example. We are on the other side of the curve, it’s going to be a while before a safe vaccine is available. After it’s basically over, we will all have to have the vaccine because it “saves lives”. I do think vaccines have their place, but the propaganda is real. Our kids are given way to many vaccines and it’s a money maker big time. Don’t forget about the current polio outbreak from a vaccine 🥴 they aren’t an end all be all, super safe shot like everyone thinks.

  10. How can you consider yourself "pro-safety" when you bedshare which increases the risk of sids by 400%? How can you say you are pro-safety when you are disregarding over 100 years of scientific vaccine research from some of the world's best–it's not just the CDC and the USA at play.

  11. Such intense secondhand embarrassment for anyone who says “do your research” and means googling conspiracy theories instead of reading (and citing) actual medical facts and research conducted by people who are not only highly educated, but have devoted their lives to medicine and science. People in developing countries would die to have access to the medical care and vaccinations of people in the developed world and to protect their babies. So sad.

  12. Lol. Antivaxers have done 0 credible, scientific research because it doesn't exist. I encourage you to join a pro and anti vax group on FB so you can see the research from both sides. Also, those same antivaxers are in it for the money charging left and right for their ebooks, supplements and treatments.

  13. I'm so glad you haven't noticed post partum hair loss. Man, I've got it for sure. I'm sure other women have had it worse than me but I am definitely losing way more hair now than I ever have before giving birth.

  14. sigh Well, peace out Nikki. How can anyone be an anti-vaxxer during this pandemic? How? Vaccines do not cause Autism anymore than essential oils can cure it. Please don't spread uninformed opinions. And when it comes to questioning science? Maybe, you should question the MLM essential oil companies that you work for. Who is making any money (besides you) in your upline? No one. Because that is the true scam and you trying to pretend to be ~hippy dippy~ while also peddling companies that ruin people's lives doesn't vibe with me. It isn't very 'grounded' to me.

  15. I have been watching you for so many years, but I have to stop. You seem to only care about yourself and your little family. When it comes to vaccines, abortion, etc. I feel like you are becoming more and more extreme. Goodbye, Nikki.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your views❤️ I am shocked at some of these comments and how people think they can tell you how to think… these are your decisions for YOUR child. These people need to wake up!

  17. As someone who is a Research Coordinator in a lab with multi-million dollar grants at a major university, it is my job to do research. As a long time subscriber and an advocate of the free expression of different views, I acknowledge your right to say these things. However, as a scientist and as a human being I feel a right to raise significant concern to your source. I would really encourage you to consider peer-reviewed articles published in scientific and medical journals. I support people with all different kinds of views than mine, however I unfortunately am not sure I can ethically support your channel any longer.

  18. Nikki, you cannot be pro-safety if you are not pro-vaccination I’m sorry. You are telling people to do their research, but clearly don’t know how to do so yourself. Please get your information from reliable sources as these false statements can be very harmful. It’s selfish to think that this only impacts you. We have spent years trying to get rid of diseases that have killed thousands of people in the past and we are going back because of people like you. As a pharmacy student and longtime subscriber I urge you to do your research (and not from random people on the internet). Although there are a few things we don’t agree on, this was one that I couldn’t get past as it goes behind just you. It can be harmful to others and for that reason I had to speak up. I wish you the best.

  19. Thank you for speaking your mind and standing up for your beliefs. I really appreciate you! This is a bold approach and More you tubers should be this bold! Thank you for your courage

  20. Thank you for using your voice and standing for what you believe in. People get too caught up with the news and bully others into silence. Keep doing you girl! I'm so glad I found you, well refound you.

  21. NIKKI this is so disappointing. Ive followed you for years but please for the love of God do actual research! Look up actual scientific studies. I really hope you are able to take some of the advice from these comments, it is very dangerous to spread misinformation.

  22. It’s sad the amount of people who have been “subscribed to you for years” & “love watching your videos” but DONT RESPECT YOUR OPINIONS AND BELIEFS. People, she’s answering questions others asked her.. not pushing her agenda on you. If you don’t like it, continue on with your own beliefs. Simple as that. Also, if you’ve “followed her for years” than you should know that SHE DOES HER RESEARCH.. ON EVERYTHING.

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