1. So I'm running 700 Test-e, 600 Boldenone and 400 Masteron-e a week… and 1.25mg's of Arimidex…- @ the moment i administrate every 3 1/2 days. Is this legit or is it better to split like twice a week every other day and once every 3rd day?

  2. Every time I watch it's like a fucking firehose is hooked up to my brain.

    Derek do you do paid consults just based upon supplied lab results plus backstory and protocol? I'd love to have someone critique my stuff that isn't the same person supplying said stuff.

  3. Your chest still suck i watch you 1 years ago, and know your chest still suck. I have 20 client and 12 from them have poor chest genetic and i fix them with dumbbel neutral wide grip before you press make sure your activation your upper back with straight pull cable really screct at bottom and squeze at the top make sure you hit your major pectoral muscle keep time under tension until failure every set.

  4. Just a note everyone seems to be missing.

    If youre going to pin EOD for stable blood levels, you should start using test proprionate since that esther was designed for a quick in and out (2days) for testosterone. There's no point for injecting a esther with a 6 day half life EOD, if you get high bloodlevels doing your shot every 6 days, then your shots are too big and the dose should be lowered, but not just broken up into smaller portions, it will still build up. Example; if i pin 0.25 ml of cypionate on monday, wednesday, friday and sunday (tuesday thursday saturday etc etc) by the end of the week i will have injected 1 ml and while probably from monday till thursday i'll have not too high hormonal levels (since the esther has a 6 day HL and you're still easing into it) the dosages will start adding up at the start of the second week leading to supraphysiological levels of test.
    So yeah, microdosing is great for easing into it but in the end your levels are going to be as high as the guy doing his shot every 6 days.

    Another point is having 1 big bolus in 1 spot of your body or the same amount broken up into 3 smaller bolusses in different areas.
    If anything, the smaller bolusses are going to be de-estherized faster due to more exposure due to their bigger surface-area to surrounding tissue containing the enzymes. (Just like a baby can dehydrate quickly due to his disproportianate surface to volume ratio). And thus lead to higher test levels and potentially more side effects

    As i see what you're saying now, it looks like a way to cope with too high dosages and try and manage resulting hormonal spikes. What should happen is use test Prop EOD and in a dose ranging from on average 20 to 30mg (thats 16 to 24 mgs of test EOD). This would be the closest you get to your natural hormonal levels using injections, and thus limiting side-effects.

    This isn't to critique you, but microdosing is just a fantasy of dealing with a dosage thats too high, lower the dosage and switch to prop.

    Edit; just realised this isn't about trt but about how to be able to contineously use a small cycle dosage and try and get away with it.

  5. What if you are using test c which has a half life of 10-14 days. Would injecting more then once per week still be more beneficial? Let’s say you are using the standard 200mg a week by the the time you go to pin again, wouldn’t your levels still be in a high normal range? Also with the rise in levels being so slow with cyp, would that still crush sbhg and significantly raise estrogen? Sorry for long post, I’m just curious

  6. I think the more frequent injection recommendation is bro science. Long esters like test cyp were specifically designed for infrequent injections (biweekly). There's no reason to be injecting it more than once a week. The people saying otherwise simply don't understand half lives.

  7. Aye Derek, in the world of fitness, you keep it 100 and I appreciate that. A lot of fitness people catch my eye but never my respect. You got my respect.

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