Using a Cricut to Make Farmhouse Decor Signs and Stencils

cricutcreated Hi friends and fellow Cricut users or those who are interested in using a Cricut. This is my second using the Cricut video. Today video I’m making a …


  1. Hi Yvonne, I"m new to Cricut Design Space and it's not my friend, I would rather be using a saw…I need to bunker down and learn how to use it, it's just collecting dust right now…Thanks for the tutorial…Take care…stay safe…

  2. I love all the stencils you use in your projects some day I will get one those machines. Till then I will just enjoy watching your videos and the amazing projects you creat with your trash to treasures🤗. Thank you my friend and God bless you and your family always 👏🌿🌼🌿👏

  3. Im a cricut maker user and I LOVE it. I think you did great and actually learned about the available farmhouse words from this video, so THANK YOU!! I love all ur videos so keep em coming! I'm thinking about getting a silhouette so maybe some tutorials (for beginners please) might be nice as well!!!

  4. Love how detailed your instructions are. I've got to get mine out and use it again. I just wish I had a permanent place where I could leave it up all the time. I know I'd use it every day.
    I have a cricut air 2.
    Thanks. I am a total visual learner as well.😊

  5. Great tutorial. Thank you for going slow and showing a close shot of your computer screen. So smart to turn your vinyl sticky side up and use masking tape to mark placement before turning it over and sticking it down. Any other tips and tricks you can provide will be appreciated. I hope to get a Cricut soon and am trying to soak up all the info I can. I loved the little box. I think the antique wax really added character. I love to watch you work. 👍

  6. Thank you so much. This is so helpful as I try to decide if I want to buy a Cricut. Please continue with these videos, but don’t forget to show your hauls and how you and Chris improve the look of old furniture. Great tutorial!

  7. I love any video that you do. I would love to see how you do the parchment paper, the blade setting, the stenciling process, etc. I know parchment paper is much more delicate than vinyl. Do you use transfer paper with it? On a different topic, I would love to see videos teaching how to use shop tools and the differences between different saws, nail guns, etc.

  8. Great tutorial Yvonne! I appreciate any help I can get with the cricut👍. Do you have any tips on what key words you can key in to find certain images because you have found some great ones that I have never found.

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