US Surgeon General: Marijuana Can Be Helpful, Science Must Dictate Policy On Federal Ban

United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, the country’s newly appointed top doctor, said marijuana can be “helpful” …


  1. What a great idea. I have read a bit about the subject now and it is about time. It needs to be in a pill form, smoking it is not good for the lungs and it stinks to high heaven.

  2. I saw a special on TV about this not long ago. There were several patients most children and it blew my mind. One of the children had several hundred seizures a day and doctors were considering removing part of her brain. The mother did research and came across research of medical marijuana in a thick like liquid form that you put into capsules. Within 1 week the seizures started to go down. Within 2 months the child was down to five seizures a week. Of course the parents moved to a state where it was legal. There was another case of an older man that had cancer, I can't remember what kind but it was not treatable. He started on the same treatment and it is currently in remission and has been that way for five years. So how can they ignore this? There are many many cases that help people tremendously.

  3. I really think that the federal government is pushing the pot issue because it makes the people using it more passive and docile. With all the crap that they are trying to get away with right under our noses, it would be in their favor for the public to stoned and unresponsive. Think about it people. I promise that their motives are not altruistic.

  4. Theyy will not sell bud by the gram , they will take important parts out and sell as oils and probably pills eventually. It will not b anything you can get high on like cali

  5. When you look at all the people on psych/depression/anxiety medications in this country (many addicted) you would think something like weed should be legal as its benefit vs side effects blows most prescription drugs out of the water.  I know of people that are prescription drug addicts yet work place testing is for weed? Yeah okay, give me an F'n break!

                           ***US Surgeon General: Marijuana Can Be Helpful***
                             ***Science Must Dictate Policy On Federal Ban***

  7. We knew they were going to usher this in because the Gov. owns the patents on the "treatments". Trillions in it for them. Big Pharma will not be happy about them cutting into their revenues.

  8. Science shouldn't dictate policy. Common sense should dictate policy.
    Their science, mixed with propaganda and programming. Perpetrated this war upon millions. Killing, destroying and alienating them. Every step of the way.

  9. Its a bit of a co insidence seeing this as iv just got home with a 500ml bottle of hemp seed oil which is a mirical for the skin, so you can only imagin the benifits of the live pot oil with the active ingreedient in it the htc or thc which ever. Problem is that though America seems to be forced to its senses a bit over this matter the ass licking satilite countries who fell in with Americas world wide witch hunt and ban on all things hemp are still as fervent in their zelus stamp down on this planet threatening plant. Fucking mindless idiots are still in full crusade. People are rotting their lives away in prisions to prove it and they still are in the US dont doubt that!! Its obviously going to get to the stage where everyone is going to turn around and say, 'What the Fuck was that all about'.

  10. Science has proven many years ago about the benefits 'bout herb! They will not take those results. No, no, no, they will have to spends millions of $$'s research money to come to the same conclusion they did years ago!!

  11. hopefully they don't start adding chemicals to it or keep it from making seeds to control it, that would be bad because then they could charge you an arm and leg to get it if you needed it.. some how i think greed will fall in place. just something to think about peace

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