Update : 8 weeks FLOWER🌱 Growing CANNABIS At HOME

Growing CANNABIS AT Home Backyard Grow In todays Outdoor weed grow update I am contenplating harvest!! I think it is time, let me know what you think!


  1. Im from Los Angeles and been watching yo shows so I appreciate it bcuz its helping me. No lie our plants are identical. My first time growing and its out door as well. I hope you post your harvest so I can see how your supposed to harvest.

  2. Heyyyy sac sis!..i was just thinking 🤔 u haven't posted ..later tht day u did!.yay!…its me 1st grow so I don't know..😆…ur assessment of the tri cones..leaves..etc sounded about right ✅ from me research..another thing..the comments here are very very informative!!..im learning 😌 alot here…!.great platform sac sis!!..looking forward to more vids 😀!..i be waiting for them..now x me by one thousand or more people and u get others waiting for them like me…….1

  3. Wsup folks, yea you still got plenty of time. Wait until they look like buds, you still have immature pistol. The pistols will curl into the bud and the calyxes swell. You still have 2-3 more weeks

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