1. Marijuana is not a Drug! John!

    Note its a herb, its a plant, its used in some conditions, just like you eat your food, you can cook it and take it.

    John you have no understanding of the inner being, your life is limited to your physcial mind.

    John is going to tell us about Marijuana, you idiot your have no idea!

  2. This guy must be a Freemason. You are way behind buddy, bud has 0 bad effects on humans and that is a fact. The only way weed can be bad is if hit by a ton of pesticides or you are smoking so much your lungs can’t clean out the tar, if eating dead carcasses then you don’t really understand plants. Stop eating trash and you will see the true mother of healing within her medicines.

  3. Over all i would say that pot makes people socially withdraw, but it is only fair to mention that for me as a teenager it was the thing that made me break out of my shell in a Rajasic manner. I no longer touch pot because it does have a very Tamasic effect on me now, but when i was already very very Tamasic and depressed, in contrast i believe it did have a Rajasic and Satvic effect. Although i agree overall that it is Tamasic in general. I guess it is relative to how Tamasic someone is to begin with.

  4. Marijuana from an ayurvedic perspective is very toxic. It is especially toxic to the liver and blood. It is viewed also as toxic to the mind and soul. There is a lot of denial surrounding this drug but it truly is not side effect free and is very unhealthy.

  5. Marijuana opens your eyes to different dimensions that could normally only be reached by a select few, through years of practice. If your not spiritually ready for this, you will attract spirits and entity's into your body.

  6. I love it when people say, "It's not addictive, and it hasn't prevented me from succeeding in life. I'm perfectly fine, and I smoke every day." Okay, try going a month without it. Of course, you'll never know what that's like, because you can't "live" without it. You're deluding yourself. I don't care what anybody says, pot is addictive, and if you're smoking every day, you're an addict.

    I knew a natural hygienist who fasts regularly and supervises others during fasts, and he told me the only people he will not fast are those on steroids and pot because fasting puts their lives at risk.

    I know another person who smoked every day for months and then quit cold turkey. She had a fever, aching muscles and bones, and her teeth hurt. It was a pretty serious detox.

  7. cannabis is not the problem nor anything that we abuse. it's how we see things. our perspective has to change. it's like saying guns kill people and banning them all. hoping for things to change. nothing will change if we still we have that old mentality. our min

  8. I have found marijuana to be a powerful empathogen at times – but not so much when used chronically.  Lumping cannabis in with alcohol does not make sense – booze is the destroyer.

  9. This really sounds more like abstinence education with an Ayruvedic twist.  Yes, using cannabis 24/7 will produce negative effects.  Yes, being dependent on a substance in order to feel false joy is a bad thing.  However, a balanced approach can work quite well by doing the following:
    1.  Vaporize instead of burning.  This preserves the medicinal qualities of cannabis.
    2.  Use in moderation.  This means not every single day.  Get your daily life handled, have some cannabis in the evenings, and take some days off.
    3.  Don't get so high you can't think.  Know your limits and stay inside of them.
    4.  If you have a medical condition or physical pain that only cannabis can alleviate, then forget all of the above and go for it, but do keep working on actually healing the condition so that you can eventually (hopefully) lower your cannabis use.

    All of this, of course, is just my opinion. 

  10. Saying marijuana has negative consequences on teenagers is essentially a political-driven scientific inquiry, which seeks to use a blend of smoke and mirrors to cloud one's scientific judgement. In a nutshell, cannabis is used to ameliorate stress and lighten one's mental load. It is the "drug that takes away the mind" (from the world the body is trapped in). So, is marijuana, in and of itself, causing negative consequences to mental health in teenagers who abuse the substance? Or rather, is it a complex blend of lifestyle factors, social support, history of trauma, abuse, neglect, and lack of emotional-spiritual fulfillment with one's life, which ultimately causes mood disorders, mental disorders, poor self-image, and drive teenagers to experiment with drugs that alter their consciousness and impact their aging, not yet fully developed minds? Summary, cannabis isn't the problem. LIFE is the problem. 

  11. Yea the cocoon i have been wrapped in for 30 years was made of hemp,laughter,music,friends,and my little garden in the woods,until the choppers came and nearly ruined my life over a couple of ounces of weed.Now that i am going to have to face sobriety for awhile maybe i will be able to experience some pain.

  12. I've started smoking marijuana when i was 17 years old, I'm 51 now. After 30 years working in my chosen field and smoking pot, I decided to do a career change. I decided to go back to school for engineering. In the past 2 1/2 years of college I have maintained a 4.0 GPA. I have never missed a class. And I still smoke every evening.
    I agree that some of the effects that are mentioned can be true, they are not the standard for everyone.

  13. I've been thinking that since drugs are more common among lower achieving students, they would be dropping out anyways with or without cannabis use. The smart motivated kids typically are more against drugs and because of that aren't using drugs as much.

  14. I use Cannabis for more than 25 years. I've a permanent contract with a nice salary, I sport, I do yoga … I don't agree with this at all. Cannabis is a big help for me to just feel more, to re enact the day to learn more from it. I call it a short vacation in my head with a nice dinner afterwards that has certainly social and medical benefits. Escape drug, not at all. It stimulates to look deeper in reality.

  15. Jays886, Please take a look at the heartburn series on the lifespa website (the videos are also on youtube). These provide natural solutions for heartburn from John Douillard, DC. "Cool Your Heartburn" and "Heartburn Self-Massage Technique" are the titles. Hope that helps.
    -Lifespa Staff

  16. It has been used by so many people for so long, we all know what it does and doesn't do. It's a plant. A one of a kind sacred plant. Once a human being decides that everything they do needs to be about their growth and good health, MJ can be used in many good ways. But nothing can be abused or used for other purposes and be very good for you (often it's bad for you). People who have used MJ for many years, don't need to read studies,they know. Sober is the greatest state, but MJ is also a gift.

  17. This video is some of your very best work,your insights, your opinions your points and your intelligence is just a pleasure to watch on these well thought out videos that you so naturally give to us. I am also impressed as the man said that commented before me..thank you very much for taking the time to make the videos that you make and caringly share with us.. you are truly intelligent and appreciated!

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