Undercover look at how THC vape oil ends up on black market

We’re getting an inside look at the growing underground vaping industry, as more states take steps to fight the health risks linked to e-cigarettes. Washington is …


  1. What they are talking about is concentrated dab cartridges, not your everyday nicotine vape juice and vapes. Fake carts are dangerous, the the “vaping” related deaths are from the illicit dab carts, not normal vapes

  2. I’m 25 I’m from Europe (Ireland) and have cystic fibrosis.. I was doing research and think illegal cannabis oil or THC would really help me with appetite and chest pains. Ino it’s illegal but where do I get it? And how do people get it? Apart from the dark web or something? Should I go to Amsterdam? Sorry if this sounds stupid I’m just so unaware of this

  3. If your in an illegal state imma tell you something, press your weed or get tree. Or you could also make your own wax and fill your own carts. I mean if you wanna smoke pesticides that’s on you. But if not imma put you in real quick just cop a rosin press and make your own pure wax

  4. This the message make it legal so people can jus go buy it legally and official instead of these kids buying fake shi thinkin it’s real government gon make money off it why not many pros of makin it legal they trippin fr

  5. Well that clears the argument with fake carts he even said it in the video even if the cart comes from a DISPENSARY It can be countrified if not sold buy a list off certain dispensary list it’s fake even in a legal stake so even dispensary have fake carts guys

  6. The only reason kids fw them is becuz they can't get legit stuff at a dispensary. The government is literally the only thing keeping these black market fuckheads in business

  7. Honestly if some of you idiots in the comments were defense attorneys I swear more than half of your clients would be sent to prison. making something legal just so people can stop buying it illegally is honestly one of the most ridiculous reasons I've ever heard. not everything should be legalized just so people would stop cutting corners for their stupid fixes. if someone were to make this kind of absurd claim against the state and win, people would start making this claim in favor of every illegal drug. actually give them a damn reason to legalize the substance. like

    "it SHOULD be legalized because cannabis has soooo much benefits from its use. sure its cool to smoke but the oil and meds that can be used from it are being used to treat cancer and etc. the possibilities for the medical and mental illnesses it could treat. smoking certain strains and bud types has also been proven to treat anxiety and etc. etc."

    people are always doing stupid crap when they're high so that's honestly the least important reason why the states would find it necessary to legalize it. after we win them over with the treatment portion then we can win them over with the recreational usage portion of it almost instantly. go about this a smarter way smh, how do you think those other states got it to be legalized? you think their whole argument was "oh yeah that high it gives you bro? dammmn son it hits too right. You should just make it legal so we can stop buying it illegally to get our fix cause we ain't finna stop smoking it anytime soon." smh use your heads.

  8. If cannabis was federally legal people wouldn’t need unregulated black market products. None of these carts are being used in Cali they’re all getting sent to illegal states. It’s so obvious. It’s like the feds want our children to be harmed I don’t get it

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