Uk Weed Grow – Baby to Harvest Timelapse – 4 Month Special – Conservatory Marijuana

Bag seed grow for fun, wanted to see what kind of results I would get after 2 months of normal growing, then the next two on 12/12 lighting (which consisted of …


  1. Thanks for the recommendation,it feels good to finally get a legit plug, received my package today from Los Angeles CA. contact him for a discrete delivery like mine. wickr// kallywayn

  2. i have a hard time curing my buds right. i lose the good smell, and the buds dont become very much easier to smoke , ii got ssome stuff in jard for amost 2 months and u can still taste the grass! wtf, recommendations?

  3. def harvested WAY too early. pistols are mostly still white. couldn't have gotten much better more potent yield just by being patient. regardless of how many ways there are to grow, harvesting too early is a mistake

  4. The video doesnt even show the final cut of the buds – just the trimming of some buds as i couldnt wait..only just realised this as i watched the video – plus the point was to get it done as quick as possible as I was due a house check from my anal landlord! – Im in the Uk aswell and started too late in the year and had nothing but shit weather -they werent growing properly at the end as the skies were black! Peace!

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