Trust Machine: The Story Of Blockchain

Award-winning filmmaker ALEX WINTER shows that proponents of Blockchain are already using the technology to change the world; fighting income inequality, …


  1. Blockchain is a centrally planned (establishment) ruse intended to be portrayed as "anti-establishment" so that once we are accustomed to it ALL other means of wealth/value transfer will become illegal. You will then be left with the most invasive means to control society by-way-of the ability to threaten one's financial freedom, zero transactional privacy, …step out of line and your virtual wallet is empty/close off. Blockchain was invented by unclaimed creators because it was created by those whom will eventually take over it's control – and YOUR LIBERTIES. You are an idiot to relinquish CASH. Cash is untraceable and your personal business is private with cash – the exact opposite is true of blockchain you fucking morons.

  2. May of 2020, I seem to be one of the few who watched this video. Makes me wonder what if this was 1999 and I was hearing about the internet what would I do? Well 20 yrs from now i dont want to look back in regret. But am still not sure what to do.

  3. learned about crypto and blockchain in 2017 when prices started taking off. It was interesting reading new headlines every week such as Jamie Dimon calling Bitcoin a fraud, China Banning exchanges, ICOs taking off & scams among others and how it affected peoples sentiment toward the market. The naysayers will always exist out their against Bitcoin and say it will die off, they've been saying this since 2009. The Bitcoin "bubble" in 2017 when it reached 20k was nothing. If scalability improves adoption will slowly come for being a reliable payment method, and if use cases for smart contracts increase you will see prices rise in the next 5 years that will make 2017 look like amazon in 1999.

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