Trulieve Edibles Chocolate Chip Cookies By Love’s Oven & New Pipe 🤔 Florida Medical Marijuana

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  1. Mix Truclear with a stick of butter then add the butter to a bag of cookie mix. Will make 72 cookies at around 11mg per cookie. Bake then freeze the cookies and keep them in a ziplock bag.

  2. Got my very first order from GrowHealthy delivered to me earlier today. They delivered almost 2 hours away for free delivery. I got everything 50% with a DocMJ patient code. So I payed $160 for $320 worth of product. That place is the real deal. Amazing quality and 3 different strains were at 24%, 27%, and 29%. Got a few half G distillates to try out also. Trulieve is best one near me locally, but Growhealthy is gonna start getting my business more. Check them out if u haven't
    Also I have edibles added on my rec, but they arent in North Florida yet. I make some fire ass edibles at home though. I'm still gonna try something when they are available
    Nice review again Mr. Tim

  3. I’m very curious if they’re going to follow Trulieve and put this’ll it. I hope not I can’t wait to see all the ingredients for different dispensaries

  4. Lucky Pooh Pooh. Dissolute is crap LOL not even get you that high. That’s the cheap way of doing it. Are you going to go live tonight.? I wanna show you my new bong. Grow healthy is going to come out with a whole bunch of live Rozen

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