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Marijuana trimming is easy and fast with the Triminator Dry marijuana bud trimmer. Maximize productivity. Reduce resin loss. Pure trim, quality extracts. No heat …


  1. Bro
    I will never fucking hand trim anything EVER again… blew through 3 pounds in a couple of hours as opposed to a miserable ass week of clipping… buds of all sizes went straight in with a ruff trim came out looking like dispensary bud… best 100$ I've ever spent- came here just to spread the word

  2. I have this machine for a couple years and it mainly gets used for littles and the kief sifting barrel works well. Ive tried multiple bud types and anything fluffy will not trim well at all. Also tends to break the buds up into tiny buds. Ive tried different moisture levels, even bought the moisture meter to be sure. I think the main problem surrounding this machine is that if you hang dry like most of us do, the leaves wrap around the bud and stick to itself. You can watch the buds roll and leaves do not catch the blades. I think if you hung the buds right side up it might help but its really not realistic to do that…..I rely on hand trimmers and this gets used for sifting trim and littles mostly….worlds most expensive sifter that doesnt trim well imo….I'll try giving them a call to see if they can solve the issue, but ill be honest for 5-6 grand the machine should work and shouldnt require some tips or tricks that arent in the manual……call us seems like a cop out but in all fairness, Ill give u guys a chance but as of right now my plan is to sell mine and recoup some money to buy a twister or shearline

  3. This review is such bullshit!! I rented this exact machine. The product comes out looking nothing like what they showed. Leaves everywhere, you have to stop about every five minutes to pick the bud out of the screen. That end product you see in the video was hand trimmed.

  4. ehhhh, dont see how better trim extracts and yields are a good thing unless you make more from extracts than flower because all better yield means is higher concentration of trichs on your trim caused by the trimmer knocking trichs off buds into trim. Like sifting kief from buds then putting it in trim

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