Treating rabbit seizures and gi stasis

so binky had seizures and gi stasis again. he was very sick. he had one seizure this time better than usual lots of them. he started having them at 4 months old.


  1. The most common side effect of potassium bromide is irritation of the gastrointestinal tract but is also can increase appetite too.So I guess it's 50/50 whether Binky would have increased gastrointestinal trouble or an increase of appetite so I understand being cautious about using it for Binky, and it can increase thirst and urinating because obviously they are drinking more.This was what I experienced with Caramel ,he would drink a lot more but he still always used his litter tray so had no accidents.He also used to eat more.The Blood testing that a vet would do is to monitor his vitals in order to get the dosage right,then they would be able to reduce the need for blood testing quite so frequently one the dosage is right and they know it is working.All of this is difficult at the moment with the lockdown.It's funny how there is always one kit of a litter that has something wrong with them.Caramel was the same,he was always getting Bladder infections 3 or 4 times a year right from when I first had him.The woman who had him at the pet shop wasn't going to sell him because she was concerned that he wouldn't get looked after properly as she herself had nursed him from the brink when she first had him,She only let me have him because she knew me and that I was planing on having him as a house rabbit so she knew he would have the best care.Caramel lived for 6 and a half years and he had the best life….broke my heart when I had to let him go.Caramel was a feisty fellow who lived with 2 cats and a Springer Spaniel.He would chase strange cats out of the garden all the time with the 2 cats and the dog….so funny to watch.Thank you for the mention and just call it E.C for short most rabbit owners know what it means.oh and your vet is right just enjoy Binky for as long as you can,That's all any of us can do,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Wonderful video…your a great Bunny Mom!…I’m so glad Marie mentioned the parasite med..I was thinking of Binky and what the hell it could be and remembered a young lady that had rabbits with that were exhibiting some similar signs as Binky…we researched and they did mention E.Coli & parasite.. She got the paste I think it was and the Bunny was showing signs of improvement….I lost track of her…hope bunny did well.

    Binky is in very loving hands…your doing all you can do…your stressing and he’s just living his Bunny ways, keep that in mind..he’s happy.
    I really hope that parasite med works….and it corrects it all…wouldn’t that be wonderful?
    Biggest hugs to you all….🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  3. Your new subs 136 here. Lets be friend. Thank you for support together 🙏!!! Super beautyfull bunny, is looking very strong, shore is in good health condition now after tratament, will be perfect healthy soon. Have a nice day!!! Like 11 👍💞🌷🌹🌺

  4. Oh sweet Binky boy….Boy hates the vet too so l usually get the home vet but if he needs a procedure of course he has to go into the vets. He also had Metacam last year when he had really bad Colitis and again when he had the tooth resorptive lesion and had his premolar taken out. Unfortunately he developed FOPS feline orofacial pain syndrome so if he has an episode l have to give him Metacam. Sending lots of love and prayers to the Binksta…🙏🙏💙🐰 l watched your latest vid but couldn't comment cause comments are turned off but wanted to share that l have to defloof Boy daily he is double coated which makes him super soft but just means he sheds like crazy and is prone to haiballs so l have to stay on top of his brushing.

  5. So sorry the troubles continue. I can't even imagine how I would feel if Tommy got real sick. I almost cried the other day when my goldfish went downhill. Thankfully she pulled through.
    Binky looks so good when he's active!

  6. AWWW bless you guys so much! Have you tried dill, fennel and oregano? Curtis loves it and it's good for their immune systems. Willow leaves and twigs help with pain and digestion. I'm so glad I could help this little guy! Bless this sweet angel 🙏🐇🙏

  7. Best to go to smaller channels and we support each other, its kind of like growing up together. on YouTube, The big channels give you a heart that's it they would have to hire someone to respond to all there comments. we found each other and are now connected 🍁

  8. Greetings from Vancouver, wow you are so kind and sweet I have never given it any thought that there are special needs Rabbits, Binky is adorable and he is from the Netherlands like myself. You two are wonderful to give so much love and care :)) Be safe hugs 💕

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