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  2. Hi, I have a question. Why not just buy CBD oil instead of Cannabis oil? Cannabis isn’t legal in my state but CBD is. CBD oil can be purchased legally since it has almost no THC. So I’m wondering if I can just get a purely CBD oil with almost no THC? I think the lady that sold it at the store said the CBD oil had like .3 THC in it so it doesn’t even register.

  3. I haven't been diagnosed yet. I've been suffering from a lot of the symptoms especially fever, hair loss and joint swelling for months. Suffering while doctors test and test. Once I took cbd oil, 5 drops every 2/3 hours, and my God, fever relief. Not even ibprofen helps that. When miss a few doses in the day, the fever comes back. Thank God for CBD.

  4. I have had lupus for 25 years and I tried CBD oil and it did not help at all. I tried several from different places. After doing my research the best cannabis oil needs to be high in THC to help with severe pain, which I have. But so glad this worked for you, we need all the help we can get.

  5. I need info to help my older sister. she has been through the worst with lupus and medication side effects. we live in Illinois and are going to apply for her medical card. she's had double hip replacement(steroids eating her bones), seizures, stroke, cranial replacement(steroids eating her bones), water in her heart, parts small intestine necrotized and cut out, pneumonia, stem cell treatment, chemotherapy, bone marrow extraction, and she's only 29 🙁 she's fought off the worst I think because she lives with her bf and is a fighter but I can tell that she's constantly in pain and can't eat high fiber foods …. what can we do? I already smoke cannabis and it helps me with my hiv treatment(more energy mainly and makes me feel less depressed when I notice something going wrong with my body).

  6. I have been recently diagnosed with lupus and I recently starting vaping it. I finally came across the right mix of CBD oil to E-liquid and that 550mg CBD oil 75% to 25% E-liquid helps with my pain.

  7. what dispensary do you get this from in california? my grama has lupus and was recently told because of the prednisone she is taking has caused her to get diabetes. my heart is broken and just want to help her. please help!

  8. Hi Angie! Did your ANA level went back to normal or they are still higher? Did you have a bone pain before starting with the oil and do you have it now? I am sorry for my English but it is not my mother tongue!

  9. When you first went off your meds and started taking cannabis how long did it take for you to start functioning at a normal level? My mom has lupus and think this may be worth trying. 

  10. I remember when you and Justin were moving to California and your car was jam-packed:) I can definitely see the difference in you compared to then, and now. You look better and seem to feel so much better! You should be the spokes person for cannabis legalization:) I wish you would come to Oklahoma and speak on how it has helped you. Maybe people would take a closer look at how healing it really is and stop fighting it! Grrr

  11. This was a Great video Angie.=) Very informative,you did a wonderful job on it! I hope it helps many people understand what this miracle plant can do for this illness.& Also that they do not even need to smoke it to benefit from it.The way you explain how we are BORN with Cannabinoid Receptors was a great way of saying it& a great bit of info to include.You are a walking example of how it can heal & NOT JUST with the Lupus either.I going to post this to my FB.I hope you're having a good night.

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