Topping Plants to Increase Yields – Cannabis Grow Guide Week 3

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  1. How do you keep them so bushy and low? Is it your lamps? I use a 200w HPS 24 hours a day then shock them for one or two days of darkness to tell if they are female. Then after a certain point I switch to 12/12. Only water from my house this time but I have used nutrients in the past.

  2. Can't wait to try this on my new Durban Poison girls! Thanks for your videos! This will be my 2nd crop first was 6 random seeds we had and went pretty well for what it wsd. Now we are ready to do things right!! And try for maximum yeilds. I like the idea of mainlining but it seems a little out of my skill level. Subscribed!!

  3. I wish this series would have kept the same title name through-out all the videos, "How to Grow Weed (full guide) Week……". I watched week 1-2 and then couldn't' find the rest of the series (weeks 3-12) because the title name changes and not sure if the other videos are pertaining to the same issues.

  4. Your videos are very detailed and stuff but dude….at the end of the day……its a seed. And it is nature. It DOESNT neeed ALLLLLLL that fancy stuff to grow…its gunna grow regardless. I dont see why people spend hundreds on all these setups? Especially if youre not a farmer growing to sell. I want a Playlist of you guys planting a seed for Poor people. People who do not have access to LED lights and Carbon Filters.THATS the REAL tutorial we all need.

  5. Hello buddy, small question i watched your video and i Topped my LADIES a month ago. She made more main stamps as it showed in the video .Im growing Sativa strain , and my question is can i continue TOPP the new main stamps to get more splits?

  6. Are you really that concerned with bugs in a indoor grow? Because I’m just about near the end of my first grow with auto flowers and I never did anything for pests but I never once saw anything to be of a concern never even saw anything alive in my tent besides the plants

  7. i never spray anything for pests. no need to smoke chemicals and if your plants are healthy and if you have a good soil medium and environment for the plants you shouldnt have any issues or in any need of pest sprays or pest chemicals organik or not.

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