1. CBD buds are not legal in the UK. The sale and buying of the flowers is not legal in the UK no matter what a company will tell you. Yes it's rediculous but unfortunately it's the situation in the uk. This is from the home office you can ring or email and ask they will tell you directly.

  2. Don't buy it lol.people r growing nice weed and taking the thc medicine of with alcohol and putting cbd oil on it drying it out and selling it making double of you.p.s any one whants weed that tast like the name buy some tangereen dream

  3. For anyone that doesn't know what CBD bud is , it was a proper cannabis plant for most of its life.

    They blast it with co2 to remove the THC contents.. this is your thc concentrates wax/oil/shatter they sell for top dollar after that sell you useless bud left over at top dollar.

    After this process the buds are now dark looking and pretty tasteless and no smell so they add terpines back in to give it smell and flavour .

    Your better buying CBD Hash or even pressed CBD kief if thats your thing ✌

    My mate knows it all .. hit up urbancbd with any questions on cbd he will help you out 👍

  4. There was 3 politicians one from Labour, one from the lib dems and one from the conservatives who went to a weed farm in Canada and all 3 of them said they want weed legalised and it should be within the next 5 to 10 years. If it will be legal to the point where you can grow a plant or two who knows either way its a massive massive step in the right direction. Pretty sure there is a news video on it happening

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