The Secret to Perfect Rice, with Justin Chapple – Le Creuset Rice Pot

NEW! With a special design that applies uniform heat and prevents foamy boil-over, the new cast iron pot cooks perfect rice and grains every time. Take it from …


  1. Help!!! I bought this pot but there were no instrutions in it about the proportion between water and rice for each tipe of rice. I have cooked rice twice with the proportion recomended in this video (1 : 1 1/4) and the results haven’t been good

  2. I really doubt if any rice (especially basmati rice) can be cooked in 10 minutes. Cooking for a longer time means burning the bottom of your expensive pot since it can't handle dry cooking. Am I right or am I right? 🙂

  3. Le Creuset you already have a great pot for rice. I don't recall the size of name but I could walk right to mine. It's more shallow and a little wider but that thing makes rice like Japan. I do just what he recommended cook to package directions, turn off, coast, and done👌 Your iron makes better rice then Asian rice maker machines it's crazy. Love your products glad to see quality still exist in a thow away society.

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