THE ORDINARY FACE OILS Guide – Which one is right for your skin type. Facial oils for acne

Exploring The Ordinary face oils and working out the best facial oils for acne and the best face oil for sensitive skin. The Ordinary review Hey guys and welcome …


  1. I purchased cold pressed organic Rosehip seed oil (because of terrible acne scarring) and jojoba oil bc I noticed it was in a lot of the same face oil blends I'd been buying along with rosehip seed oil. Can I use them mixed together after I've made sure I'm not reactive to them?

  2. Really in-depth explanation of all the different oils, which is very helpful. I have to say I've never been a fan of face oils but I'm intrigued by the idea of mixing a couple of drops with my moisturizer. Maybe I'm missing out and I should give them a try–just what I need, MORE products in my life! I think I'll pick up the B and see how it goes.

  3. As always an amazing breakdown of these. I think I'll have to give the chia seed a go.

    Also, I have decided that for my two female cousins that I'm going to get them set up with a good skincare routine. I asked one of them the other day what her skin type was and what products she uses. She replied:
    "I have very dry skin. At the minute I'm just using a basic moisturiser and t zone face wash for sports. Xx"
    Well that had me clutching my pearls, no wonder her skin is dry! 😱
    I think I am going to get some of the squalane for both of them. I want to give them a complete routine with all the minimum products as well as giving them a written "menu" of different products I reccomend along with the basics that I get them. Squalane seems like the best option for them with it being good for all skin types. I have a feeling that her skin isn't as dry as she thinks it is so I'm going to buy products that are suitable for more than one skin type. Then when she's been using these products for a while, reasses to see if her skin type really is dry or that, as I suspect, that her skin is so dry because she's been using thisn"sports facewash" and the wrong moisturiser for her.

    @Mad About Skin what facewash would you reccomend instead of the Cerave hydrating facial wash?. I was going to get her this but I really don't want to buy from Cerave ever again. Has to be of similar price

  4. I have dry/sensitive skin. I tried TO rosehip seed oil and really didn’t like the feel of it on my skin. I did better when I mixed it with madecassoside cream at the end of my routine. Right now, I’m trying Biossance Squalance + Vitamin C Rose Oil. Pricey but I like the feel better. Will see what happens over the next few weeks.
    Thanks for another great video!!

  5. Okay Okay, I promise I will re try the borage oil haha!! I'll mix it in my moisturizer and see if that helps with the turkey grease small haha!! The ordinary has some fantastic oils Rob, great review breaking them down for us, I also use the squalene oil on my hair and nails, it's beautiful for that too. Happy Friday lovely!! woo-hoo almost the weekend!! xx LOVE LOVE your shirt BTW xx

  6. I use the stratia facial oil. It's beautiful! Couple of drops mixed into their 'oil like' serum as the last serum before moisturizer. I have been loving Stratia! I've tried 4 of 6 of their products and those 4 will always be part of my skincare collection. I love them so much. Have you tried them? Shipping is expensive but they are an indie brand so I just think that's how much it costs /shrugs/ Liquid gold is lovely and is iconic for moisture barrier repair!

    I'll have to order another ordinary oil next time. Tried borage oil but couldn't stand the smell xD

  7. I use both the Rose hip and Marula. While I have also a bottle of Sea Buckthorn oil. (I rotate the use of the 3) This latter product is however, quite a problem, as it stains the linens. What can you do? Looking good has its price.

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