1. Cannabis:
    -Stops cancer growth (cures most cancer – Google Rick Simpson)
    -Reduces neurological impairment
    -Relaxes muscles, antispasmodic
    -Prevents Migraines
    -Treats Glaucoma
    -Treats ADD, ADHD
    -Reduces IBS, Crohn's Disease
    -Cures Epilepsy
    -Prevents Alzheimer's
    -Treats PMS
    -Makes bio-degradable plastic
    -Makes paper (better than tree pulp)
    -Makes Fuel, solvents, lubricants
    -Makes Industrial Textiles
    -Makes Consumer Textiles
    -Makes Building materials
    -Could end deforestation
    -Could end dependence on oil, gas and coal
    -Can be grown almost anywhere


  2. I have been using weed for my general well being and physical pain for years now, it helps me more than any man made medicine could. Weed resets my mind after a tough day, only non users will condemn and demonise us at every opportunity, leave us alone for Christ’s sake we do nothing wrong.

  3. We the people are meant to smoke weed as well as use it for good such as hemp clothing. God created all plants. by the way the man speaking of roman history is a very wise and knowledgable man.

  4. Interesting how the herb comes from the eastern world,yet rolling papers come from the western world. Papers were invented in Spain an France if I’m not mistaken. Hence raw papers being made in Spain and zig zags coming from France.

  5. weed is more important to the structure of the planet than i ever realized. just how the smoking has been attacked and manipulated shows me that their really is a separation in peoples. those who believe in the power of the plant and use it to bring about new creation and on the other side, those who also believe in the power of the plant, but for some reason do not use it for creation but instead try to damn and imprison the plant and those who use it.

    honestly, to me it’s a war of power of those who gain power from weed and those who gain power from destroying it.

    im digging deeper and really seeing the mystical side of this whole thing.

    im a user.

  6. Cannabis was first used, in drink form, by some Hindus, to cause confusion, agitation and to invoke a demon of storms. Persian Shia Muslims used it to brainwash the "Assassins" into killing for them. Aleister Crowley used it to control his cult and to invoke Satan as the serpent.

  7. "Potent affects in love making"? Wtf? Really? My 🍆 stay soft on Indica. I CANNOT 💦 on Indica. My body gets/feels numb…still good…but numb & RELAXED (the double edged 🗡 for me). Gimme that Sativa/Hybrid baby! I love Indica tho…(shit smoking it right now😄). But not for sex though lol no sir…

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