The HIGH TIMES Kitchen: Cannabutter and Cannabis Oil

Welcome to the HIGH TIMES Kitchen. In this first segment, we’re making cannabis oil and cannabutter — the two most important ingredients for cooking pot food.


  1. This is the worst vid I've seen on making canabutter why pay for a expensive thing when I can make it myself so what it takes 3*1/2 hours i use 10 g herb per block off butter get really nice strong canabutter

  2. lol at the negative comments about her. She's beautiful to look at. I'm sure all of you who posted negative comments are allll 10's. Stop tripin and just enjoy the view, dezam.

  3. Just smoke the pot get the munchies and eat some butter toast and then cook with the oil make some fried chicken man hahaha or you could just eat your fingernails and make the oil in cannabutter can of oil butter

  4. Skeleton Head – Y the need to b so rude and mean. First, not useless as this machine does it all so y useless? Are u able to answer these questions. She did a awesome job explaining what the product does and she works for High Times. I hope after reading ur mean to b mean comment she is on her way to cash her big fat paycheck and laughing.

  5. It seems like the best sources for any info on cannabis are the people w/ the most experience – people who have been growing &/or using cannabis since the 60's or 70's. How you choose the source of your information determines what information you get. They don't all know what they're talking about, but the ones that do are full of priceless information. They not only know how to do things, they know WHY; they know the chemistry & how to get the most out of it.

  6. Ally you are adorable, perhaps a different device to mold for the weed/shake into equipment. You are a natural on camera and I know how hard it is to do video, you rocked it. And compared to some of the mutts on Utube video's … beautiful.

  7. By the maturity level of many commenters here, seems like many are not yet of the age to be using these ingredients. Before you 'mouth off', ask yourself; (1) would I talk to this person in this manner if I were in front of them, in person (2) hey, where's my video?

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