1. I'm glad I listened to the audiobook first, I really didn't like the portrayals of the characters in the graphic novel, I pictured them so differently in my head, and I'm pretty sure that they hammer pretty hard in the book that dunk is Very big and wide as well as tall, I don't like that they made him so bland and forgettabl, he looks like a friggin anime character

  2. If the diversity bunch has anything to do with it Dunk n Egg will be cast as a woman and her daughter… or for even more diversity, a lesbian woman who divorced her abusive dick of a husband and her adopted black daughter who is super brave and eager to be free of the patriachy.

  3. Just finished "The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Really good. Some interesting and fun characters like Ser Kyle the Cat, the smelly Ser Bennis of the Brown Shield or the Red Widow.
    It was a bit sad that Baelor had to die, he seemed he would've been a good king.

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