The easiest way to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

Still haven’t gotten your medical marijuana card as a Florida resident yet? Was the process a little too tricky to navigate? Well, now you’re in luck. Veriheal …


  1. No weed smoker has ever murdered anyone except the fridge! The O.G.'s like myself get to paranoid to drive and it's pretty impossible to have a bad day if your "medicated"! This is exactly why there's so many assholes in America 🇺🇸 They need to smoke a toke off the bong!! My mother in law is 72 and she participates and then she does crafts! I stick to my gardening. Smoke the medicine that God gave to us ALL!

  2. Yeah I will just stick to conventional methods to aquire my herbal medicine. I like dro and I don't know why the government is concerned about my lungs when last I checked they all complain about population control. Let me live my damn LIFE 🙄 FFS!

  3. I guess now is 210 days, Feb. 2020, I never been to a hospital or diagnosed with PTSD but from my research and the symptoms I got I know I have PTSD, with that said I been treating myself from teenager with the flower but I wanted to get the card so I don't get in trouble with cops or DCF because I have a 5 year old son. On my first visit to a clinic to help me get certified I paid 300 (first visit) then 75 dollars for my card. A few days have gone by and I went and looked in my profile online, still things need to be approved, also I found out that the approval for this is low THC.. this is not what I been looking for. This is too much drama and it leads me to think why many people do this medicine from the black market and don't want to deal with the state doctors fees licenses ect. California sounds like a tempting choice I just don't know anyone there not to mention I hate the cold weather in winter time. Oh well I have to work with what I got.

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