The Benefits of Smoking Weed Before Your Workout [Body & Mind]

Everyone knows that everything is better while high: eating, watching TV, having sex…and now you can add working on your summer bod to that list. Stoners …


  1. I get better gym days with CBD gummies. Both CBD and THC have significant therapeutic attributes. CBD does not make a person feel “stoned”, “high” or “intoxicated” like the effects of THC.
    And there are many positive benefits of using CBD. I prefer the top shelf USA products , get mine here ;

  2. Yeah… I smoke after my workouts (jogging for 40 minutes & basic weight lifting reps) it puts my body in a mellow state and less tense, BUT smoking before working out lol idk bout that

  3. I would love to actually perform a scientific study on the effects of marijuana on working out. On myself, but I do not do it often enough and there are too many outside forces which throw off any real results either way. What I can say is… I enjoy it, but I enjoy lifting anyways. It's just a different experience which can be useful to shock the system.

  4. Why do we insist on highlighting the sound of someone gulping/slurping on their drinks (:57 secs)?? I think we understand that the person in the video is drinking… The sound makes me wanna put my fist through brick wall and then bite a telephone pole in half.

  5. 0:37!!!?? who dafuk!?!? willingly smokes from an aluminium can??? that's unhealthy AF!! and its a shitty way to smoke, cmon @Elite Daily this is supposed to be a "health" related video………BTW People Arnold Schwarzenegger smoked weed on Pupping Iron… Now ask yourself can you move to Austria, lift weights become d world strongest man, become a blockbuster actor despite the fact that no one understands you, marry a Kennedy and become the governor of an state that he cant even pronounce…. And there's Michael Phelps case closed

  6. yo this is so true! I mean everyone has a different reaction of course but I kid you not I used to be 190. I started smoking regularly 2 years ago I'm at 150 cut. I take a two good hits before working out I swear I murder the gym every time. I used to hate doing cardio but now I spend 30-45 minute doing it and hit the weights. It's like you really do gain more focus and you're more relaxed. Remember you're not building muscle if your body is tense and weed relaxes your hole body. This video actually has facts and it's been proven by some top college I forgot which one it is. Only if you're a regular smoker!

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