1. It’s the last week I get to spend with my son before he’s back to school. It’s been a crazy 5 month long summer vacation. Going to enjoy these last couple days of Dad/Son time. I’ll see you guys soon!

  2. Wire Clothes hangers so simple and had a few in the basement . Saved me a tip to any lawn and garden store . Used this method with great results helped with making a sturdy place to leaf tuck

  3. Thats the beauty of regular seeds, time isn't the enemy. If ppl are growing too fast, they can train it to keep up with other ppls plant heights. No kids left behind at pigeon 420 school! I just put my seeds in the cup today so its nice for me to look ahead at your vids and prepare myself lol. My second grow and I'm excited. My seeds were gifted to me from a friend and had random strains so sadly, I don't know the names. No prejudice with cannabis tho, i love them no matter what!

  4. Brotha u are comedy luv the energy keep it! I've followed u for awhile I've always thought u killed it! Dnt worry about the haters n there opinion that comes with being a beast u r😄😄💪🏾🙏🏾thanks for the view n tips ima keep watching def! R3aper luv

  5. B.T.W. the only reason someone would have any thing negative to say about your grows is because they can't consistently do what you do there just haters that wish they had what you have u seem to be a good dad and always have a positive attitude thank you for sharing with us

  6. So I'm growing out side with fabric pots we are going to have a cold front her in southern Colorado I'm wanting to bring them inside during the nights I'm I taking a chance with hermaphroditeing my plants concerning it might mess with light cycles and well it just stress them more with the sudden temperature changes that will occur when they go from inside temperatures at night to going back outside b4 first light

  7. Fuck the haters. You been helping growers for years..
    I'm right along with ya for this grow. It was by accident but nonetheless.
    I started to use weed block stakes which are like giant staples. But yea I think imma take em out and chop up some coat hangers.
    My last grow I bent the tops out and down every day like you showed and it really worked out well. Plants were really wide and bushy with Hella tops.

  8. Pigeons!!! Bend her over brother!! 🤣 One thing I've learned over the years on this planet is that a ton of people "think " they know everything but in reality they don't know crap. I've seen your results. And if it wasn't for YouTube's policies against monetizing cannabis content, your channel, your personality and your way of doing things would be raking in thousands of dollars per video. Screw them. You know you produce high quality and high yielding plants each and every time. Even when Murphy shows his ugly face around the garden you have the experience to turn it around. Well done sir!!

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