1. there's gonna be a lot of cat ladies from our generation based on the numbers. Men at least 6 foot tall is less than 15% of the male population. Want him to have a handsome face too? Half that. Want him to be physically fit? Half that again. We're at about 3% of the male population (many of which are taken) and that's lenient.

    Any other requirements ladies? Want him to have a decent job? Half that again. Want him to be decent in bed? half that again. We're at around 0.75% of men. All of you want to date less than 1% of the male population. Congratulations you played yourself LOL

    And let's not forget he has to like you back…

  2. 13:06 Facts.
    A lot of these women probably don't even know what 6'0" looks like. 5'7" people lie and say they're 5'9", 5'9" people lie saying they're 5'11", and so on. I used to obsess over height for a while so much that whenever I'd pass someone on the street that was taller than me, I'd try and estimate their height. But it's really difficult to figure someone's height just by looking at them, even if you were as obsessive as I was.
    So yeah, a lot of women throw all these numbers around, but they even know what these numbers "look" like in the real world?

  3. i am 5´9´´ i guess in America i would be considered short haha, well, the good thing is that i get clothes easy and shoes too Lol
    good stuff Derek, your videos are always interesting

  4. I know that teens are not the main audience for this channel (I myself am heading towards 30s), however, I think it would do some good if you posted a video about ways to keep that natural height growth going. Basically a PSA for any kids that would stumble upon this channel looking for some self-improvement advice.

  5. Just wear boots. Wearing tall shoes looks odd and people notice. A good tall pair of manly boots with an insole off you must, is the way to go. My brother has high heels on his boots hahaha adds 3 inches at least. No one notices, but me.

  6. Broke my neck, and now that im well enough to workout I want to get fucking shredded. Any tips, or help would be appreciated. 5'11" and some change current weight is 182lbs. I was 230 6months ago got down to 200-205 and 3months ago i broke my neck. So ya

  7. I'm 5ft6 and get more women then any of my tall mates except like 2 but that's makes no difference what so ever short guys man up make money get better looking that's all u can do

  8. I am 6 feet 4 inches tall(193 cm) and still women look past me and don`t notice me at all.In my experience women will say that they like tall men,but they will rather date a mid sized and even shorter guy(like 5 feet 8 inches 173 cm).Masculinity isn`t valued these days so guys who are rreally tall like 6 feet 2 inches(188cm) and above are the most overlooked…

  9. Works with dick size too, I’m a solid 7 inches, above average but not huge and you have no idea how many women I’ve met who say shit like “oh my god you’re huge you must be like 9 inches because my boyfriend was 8” or some variation of that and women are not only terrible at spatial perception but so many men lie about their stats that women have no frame of reference. The data is only as good as the ones providing it.

    Another anecdote, I’m 5ft9 and women constantly think I’m 5ft11…… shit is insane. I’m genuinely convinced that for women 6 inches equals 8
    And 5ft10 equals 6ft in their minds.

    Dudes do not fucking pay too much attention to what women say they want because they don’t fucking know.

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