1. Seen ur videos pop up before, but just skipped over cause people were tossin hella dirt on ur name. I guess i see why lol, i bet people are pissed about these vedios. Glad i checked you out. Great info dude!

  2. Blast, purge in jar till soupy consistency(meaning most excess butane is done in first purge?), pour off into final smaller jars to purge, let sit at room temperature(lids on) in vac for 2-3 weeks, and repeat? Sound right?

  3. Its crazy, i have skipped over your videos for a while…. Never gave you a chance…
    Great information coming from a guy with the heart of a teacher…
    Time to Binge watch my new favorite content producer…

  4. I have never made diamonds before…if I don't have the equipment to de-wax will it still work? And also…i heard it must be kept in the freezer at first…is this true? And if so how long?

  5. I can't believe how many dumb questions there are in the comments are you guys listening he's telling you exactly what to do that's all you need to know no trim straight fresh nug and you'll have gold and ya you dab it and buy some American made glass to smoke it with and ya the terp layer is all your flavor smoke it too thanks and your welcome

  6. DAN! I've watched this fucking 7 times this week. Would you be interested in chatting more outside of youtube? When will the next stream be? I have my first crystals forming from my 1oz GSC run with 600ml of butane degassed to 250ml and poured into a 300ml jar, degassed and capped. day 4 today. 😀

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