Taking CBD for Inflammation – Does it Work?

A lot of studies have been done on the use of CBD for inflammation, but will taking something like a standard store-bought CBD oil help? Let’s take a quick look …

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  1. Free advice #1: if the vendor doesn't provide lab results, or makes it difficult to find them, or their lab results are more than a few months old, don't use their products.

    Free advice #2: if someone is charging you $140 for a 1000mg tincture, you are getting ripped off. Even at 1/3 of that price you are probably paying too much.

    Free advice #3: this video doesn't mention it at all, but know the difference between pure CBD, broad spectrum, and full spectrum products. Many people, including me, find that only full spectrum CBD is useful. Others do find pure CBD or broad spectrum works for them. You might have to experiment with different types to find what works for you.

    Free advice #4: if you are like me and don't smoke MJ and have very low tolerance to THC, too much of the full spectrum CBD can make you foggy headed. It is also possible to fail drug tests, so don't use it if your job might drug test you.

    I'm in my 50s and have some finger joint pain from osteoarthritis. Nothing bad yet, but I want to minimize inflammation as that can result in further damage to the joints. I take 30mg of full spectrum CBD twice a day: once when I wake up, and again about 12 hours later. In my case it helps enough that I notice, but it isn't magic.

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